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Daring Mighty Things

Esther: Heroine? Fool? Insane? Psycho? What would be your description? Anyone who has read the book of Esther knows the outcome of the story. *Spoiler alert ahead* She enters an impossible battle, it looks as though she will probably die, but she wins in the end and the enemy is defeated and killed. Knowing the end of the story we can all proudly say we would call her a heroine. If that same scenario were unfolding today say…with your sister, your niece, your husband or wife…would you encourage such action?

Esther wasn’t willing to remain quiet. There were thousands of lives at stake. She drew on the courage that comes only from above and she fasted THREE DAYS with no food or water. Can you imagine? She gathered the Jewish people, plus her assistants, to fast with her. Concentrated shared fasting and praying is affective. You will see how successful this effort was in the end.

Knowing more than likely she would die, she went through the painfully frightening progression of approaching the king, planning and executing the banquets, and well…read the story and you will find out all she went through. (Esther-Holy Bible) But in the end because of her unwillingness to remain quiet, a whole generation was saved. Thousands of lives would continue on as families, babies were born, marriages endured, family outings were shared, holidays were celebrated, and who could believe how Esther and her family were blessed?God blesses good decisions. He also blesses those moments when we step outside our comfort zone on nothing but a wing and a prayer and trust Him and only Him.

One of my favorite quotes is by Theodore Roosevelt, “Better to dare mighty things and fail, than to live in a gray twilight where there is neither victory nor defeat.”

How would millions of lives be different today had Esther remained quiet and stayed comfortable in a gray twilight? What are you keeping quiet about? Use Esther as an example of what could happen in the end. Don’t avoid your passion because it may be too controversial, or too dangerous, or too political, or people will think you’re crazy. Staying in a comfort zone is boring. Be counted among the “Esthers” of the world who have risked it all and were blessed beyond belief for it!


A new year, a new day, a time we start fresh. We enter the year resolute and armed with determination only to allow our excitement to wane after a few measly weeks. Why do we do that? Is it because we’re lazy? Don’t believe in ourselves? Lose our focus? Maybe all of the above, or none of the above.

When you are a SaveOne chapter leader you sit in a very privileged seat. Many people live their entire lives never witnessing the incredible miracles you become privy to. You have a front row seat to see some of God’s most touching, intimate moments with people. To be a part of such wonder never gets old.

I don’t know if you guys ever watched the show, West Wing, but there’s a scene where Leo is talking to Josh and he tells this story. “A man falls into a hole and he’s yelling for help. A doctor happens by and sees the man, writes a prescription, throws it in the hole, and walks on. A few minutes later a priest walks by and the guy again shouts for help. The priest writes out a prayer, throws it in the hole and walks on. Then a friend walks by and the guy says, ‘Hey Joe will you help me out?’ Joe jumps in the hole with him. Our guy asks, ‘Are you an idiot? Now we’ll never get out!’ Joe says, ‘Yeah, but I’ve been down here before and I know the way out.’”

As a chapter leader you guys are the ones willing to jump in the hole with those who are yelling for help. You’ve been there, you know the way out, and you are willing to get in the muck and mire it will take to crawl out of the hole.

With that being said, I ask each of you to think about 2014. Pray about what God would have you do in regards to abortion recovery this year. Could you financially give to SaveOne and help accomplish the end of abortion? Could you start a chapter at your church or ministry? Is it finally time to deal head-on with your own abortion? We are literally seeing abortion end around our world through LOVE, not controversy, not politics, simply by love and acceptance of those who have made this choice.

I implore you to not lose focus, don’t lose sight of all God wants to do through you. Don’t let the excitement of a new year wane. Stay resolute and armed!

BRING ON 2014!!!