I live with it every day

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the  Wisconsin Right to Life annual conference. These are men, women, and teenagers who are working for the cause of life. They gathered from across their great state to learn, network, and be rallied to do more for the families being destroyed by choice.

After my talk that evening I had many come over to my booth and ask me to sign their newly bought books. There was one man in particular who I want to tell you about. He didn’t buy a book, didn’t ask me to sign anything, didn’t tell me I did a good job, nothing. He simply wanted to tell me a story. His tale goes like this…

In 1975 he was a really good attorney by his own admission. He rarely lost any case he defended. One day a man called the attorney’s office and said his wife had left him. He didn’t want a divorce and especially not now because his wife had just told him she was pregnant…and getting an abortion. The caller asked the attorney if there was anything he could do to keep his child. This attorney told him there was no problem, that they would get an injunction against his wife to stop the abortion and there was nothing to worry about. I could tell by the way this man was speaking to me he was very confident at the time that by his actions this child was safe.

The day of court came and again my new friend the attorney had assured his client that all was well. As the judge began to look at the case he asked the attorney to give him one law he could reference to uphold the injunction. And of course we all know now, there is not one.



Not one single law this attorney could find to save the life of this child for his client. His client was looking to him and the attorney could do nothing. The pregnant wife’s lawyer was there and when she saw they could not uphold the injunction, called the wife as she waited at the abortion clinic. She immediately went through with the abortion.

As this attorney who was standing in front of me got to this part of the story he broke down in tears telling me how there was nothing he could do for his client and nothing he could do to save the life of this child. He said, “I live with it every day.”

Never, ever, ever fall for the lie that abortion doesn’t have a ripple effect on many lives. 39 years later and this man is unable to tell the story without breaking down in tears. Abortion is a tragedy on many levels, created to divide, destroy, and bring death to millions. The tragic circumstance men face when trying to fight for the lives of their children is unconscionable and must be corrected.

I don’t have the answer, but what I do have is a Truth that sets people free, that will change the course of our nation once our churches stand up and defend LIFE. When our local churches take back this issue from politics and realize this is an issue God cares deeply about, then men like this attorney and the devastated father, will not have to live the rest of their lives thinking of this tragedy daily.

15 thoughts on “I live with it every day

  1. So many deny the ripple effect people’s choices have on the world. So often we hear that immoral choices are often a personal choice that we need not be concerned with. So very sad. God bless this man for sharing his story. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I believe that it will be men who turn the tide in our struggle to protect the unborn. There’s a reason why the pro aborts so viciously try to shut them out. Please God, send us more loving courageous men! Maybe this young attorney couldn’t save this one child, but perhaps the next. Press on!

    1. You are exactly right Emma! We pray this prayer repeatedly at SaveOne, may be pray together and become a united voice all across our nation welcoming men back in to this conversation. Blessings to you!

  4. Thanks for sharing multiple sides of those affected by this issue. Keep shining the Light, friend. You are piercing the darkness. Love you!

  5. About the time that this lawyer was trying to help his client, many other fathers were fighting for the right to raise their child and prevent the child from being placed for adoption against their wishes. Eventually, some won that right. Now, both parents must sign parental termination before any child can be placed, and if there is a possibility of two or more men being the biological parent, ALL must sign, as well as an “unknown father’ ad posted in papers prior to the hearing. NOW… men have no choice. (I am not referring to those who force women into an abortion. I am speaking of those men who WANT their child). So very very very sad….

    1. Yes it is very sad and it must change! I pray that fathers will be bold and these men will be welcomed back in to this discussion to change the laws and hearts of those who pushed them out!

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