My response to Emily Letts

I feel heartsick for a girl named Emily Letts. Emily posted a video of her own abortion to let people hear a “positive abortion story”. I would love to talk to Emily; I would like to tell her that we love her and want to be there for her. I would love to establish a relationship with her now, because I know in my heart of hearts that she is going to need an understanding ear in the not so distant future.

Many thoughts go through my head when I think about what she did. The first of which is the fact she wanted others to hear a positive abortion story. That can only be because the stories of the millions of women and men who know the truth about the horrors of abortion are having an effect. Her desire to push a “positive abortion story” is an indicator that the truth of the horrors of the aftermath of abortion is reaching our world. Her goal to spread a positive message is in response to the truth of men and women who have courageously told their stories and are spreading the real message of the death of a child and an aftermath that never matches the promise of freedom from pregnancy. These testimonies are working in concert with a powerful scripture in God’s Word where He tells us that we will overcome evil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev 12:11). There is POWER in our words, especially when our words are telling of the goodness of Jesus and that  life is precious. Our words bring hope, forgiveness, healing and restoration to those who have made the wrong choice of abortion. Our words can only come through Christ Jesus.

Her video of the procedure itself is not realistic at all. The video looks like she went to a hospital for an abortion, or at least a very modern abortion clinic. That is not typical, nor the reality for the majority of women seeking abortion. I’ve heard countless horror stories of things having happened in these clinics that are not positive in the least for these women. At the clinic where I went, we sat on old, dingy, dirty, used furniture until there was not another space in the room for one more girl. There were girls on arms of couches, standing against the walls, and sitting on the floor. After my abortion I had to stand up and walk to another room where the walls were lined with bean bag chairs. That was my recovery room…a bean bag chair.

Emily’s hospital cap and gown and all the nice, warm squeezes and pats of assurance are NOT reality. No hospital cap and gown, no hugs, no pats of assurance for any of the people we have helped through SaveOne. Not one single person I have ever talked to in the 14 years of helping men and women who are suffering from the effects of abortion have had an experience like the one depicted on this video. For one of my friends, she was held down at 15 years of age and forced to undergo an abortion in which she did not want. Right here in Nashville, TN. Abortion is not typical, normal, nice, or positive.

I am heartsick for Emily. Maybe in her heart she truly believes she is doing the right thing by being an abortion counselor at her clinic. She has been taught to believe counseling women in this way is just and fair. Prior to this video, she had never had an abortion, had never been a mom. We have to remember she is around death and dying every day from working at this clinic. Up until this video, she has been fairly detached from the whole abortion process. Based on her choice, she has now moved from a voice to a victim of her voice. She has moved from counselor for choice to one who has chosen to take a life. For Emily, it is no longer about other people.

Emily is now a mom. Emily chose to take her child’s life. There are a whole new set of circumstances, a whole new set of consequences she will have to deal with. First of all, we become a mother or a father at the moment our child is conceived. This honor is not miraculously bestowed on us 9 months later. We choose whether we parent a live baby or a dead one. Believe me, it’s much easier to parent live children. So Emily Letts is a mom right now and was deceived into thinking she saved herself from premature motherhood. She did not.

We were never created to choose life or death for another human being. That is an act that was supposed to only be determined by a sovereign God. So when we insert ourselves into God’s role, we bring into our lives circumstances we do not have the human capacity in which to deal. That’s why abortion’s aftermath is so horrific. It doesn’t fit anywhere, and we do not have the human reasoning to figure our way out. This aftermath takes a supernatural God, with a never ending love, a history of patience, and a truckload of grace to get us out of this mess.

Just because a person may not believe God’s Word doesn’t make it not true. Now, I do not know whether Emily is a Jesus follower or not, that is not for me to figure out nor for me to give an opinion on. I knew Jesus when I had my abortion, so to just assume she does not believe in Christ Jesus would be to wrongly assume. But God’s Word is true, and He has made it clear how He feels about those who shed innocent blood, or those who mistreat innocent children. We cannot go against God’s Word without suffering consequences. That is true for the believer and non-believer. Although she may feel great now (I felt nothing but relief for about the first two weeks after my abortion) I know that will not always be true for Emily. Knowing the hurt and anguish that is coming is why my heart breaks for her. To make this choice in such a public way, to say the things she did on the video, to be as young as she is, the list of reasons I am praying for her just goes on and on. She said at the end that she was amazed she could create life.

She knows that was human life.

She recognizes that she took a human life. 

Emily’s 40-year-old self will not be so proud of that fact. I write this blog for the men and women who have come to the realization that abortion was wrong. I write this blog and I do what I do for the preservation of life and the restoration of the hurting. My prayer is that one day I will cross paths with Emily Letts. I would love to let her know she is deeply loved, and Jesus awaits her when she is ready to give all of this to Him.

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  5. Oh, Sheila, so very well written. One day the reality of what she has done, not only her abortion but her encouraging others to do the same, will hit her so hard. Only God’s grace will be her relief. I know this well, because it was only by His love and forgiveness that I survived the torment brought on by my own selfish & heinous act.

  6. thank you Ms. Sheila for being God’s voice in this messed up world..He has given you a heart and compassion to try to reach people like Emily who are misled to believe this is like a game in life and thru your words may someday realize that a Life is valuable ..that she is valuable as a person in God’s eyes..that people make mistakes and thru God’s mercy and grace she is worth something to this world and God..when i heard this story..i prayed for her salvation..she is a hurting soul..Attention getters are not my cup of tea..Her consequences way far more then the decision she made..I will pray for her soul..

  7. This is a great response. I saw part of this video a week or so ago and it just made me sick. I couldn’t watch the whole thing and get past my head knowing I’m watching someone helpless have their life taken from them. There is even question if she got pregnant on purpose just to show how easy it all was???? I hope one day she reaches out for help and gets it and is able to forgive herself. I know God’s heart is just broken for her, hopefully she’ll rec’v healing through Him.

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