Who are your people?

My husband and I just drove in late last night from Louisville, KY. The National Right to Life Convention is going on right now so we went (just 2.5 hours from Nashville) to meet some of my pro-life friends for dinner. We met at 6:00 and so I figured my husband and I would be back on the road headed home around 8:30. Well…after meeting in the hotel lobby, talking, then configuring vehicles, talking, driving to the restaurant, talking, waiting on our reservations, then sitting at a round table for 12 and talking, we did not get back on the road to head home until 11:00. I tell you all of this not to complain but because today although I am really tired, I am still on a kind of “high” because the night and the dinner were so enjoyable. Some of these folks I haven’t seen in years so that was nice to get caught up, but the real reason behind the joy of the dinner is because all 12 of us were completely like-minded. There was one topic at the table and that topic was abortion. These people included the ex-president of the NRLC and her husband, political activists, abortion counselors, abortion recovery leaders, etc. These were my people! We talked about everything under the sun regarding healing, condemnation, the state of mind of men and women suffering after abortion, the role of the church, the forward momentum of the pro-life movement, politics, etc. It was some of the greatest conversation I have had in many years. I could have stayed another four hours and talked with these people as they were interested in what I had to say as much as my interest in what they had to say. I left there “full” not just on a delicious dinner but saturated in love and support and the knowledge of being reminded how not alone I am in this fight. I wanted to share my evening with you to remind all of you of a very important factor. Although it is vital to be around others who we can influence, bring to Christ, change opinions regarding life, it is just as important to be around those who are like-minded at times. We need encouragement, we need to be reminded of the vast resources we have at our fingertips in this movement. With so much spiritual warfare surrounding this subject sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and just remove ourselves from the battle at times to get filled back up. I need this, you need this. It’s okay to just rest at times so you can recharge your batteries and keep going. So I encourage you today to find “your people”. Get with them, vent to them, talk with them about your vision, your focus, your needs, your wants, and your prayers about your ministry. If you are currently teaching SaveOne or are interested in knowing more about how to teach SaveOne at your church or pregnancy center, then we are here for you. We want to encourage you. We want to know how to pray for you. We want to help you every step of the way to be as successful as possible because together we are so much more powerful than each of us on an island by ourselves doing our own thing. Please write info@saveone.org and let us know you saw this blog post and we’ll get you hooked up immediately. Don’t put this off. We all need friends, and especially with this subject, we need each other! Love you all to pieces and hope you have a happy Fourth of July here in America! And for those of you outside America will you please say a prayer for our country to return to the One who can set us back on the right path? Blessings to you!

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