Welcome to the Big Time!

I received the following letter from our SaveOne Europe Director, Sonja Horswell from a girl she took through the SaveOne course. It was too great not to share. When God shows up BIG TIME in your life, it’s very difficult to stay quiet about it. This young lady shared her story and I want to scream it out to the entire world. THIS is the truth of what abortion does to a person. THIS is the truth of God’s Word applied to that gaping wound of regret, shame, humiliation, guilt, and remorse abortion leaves one with!

The Big Time is where the hardest work, the greatest realizations, and the most wonderful love encompasses us in our most vulnerable moments. Please read the words below and know that you too can be free from the bondage of abortion.

I would have never imagined, dreamt or wished.

Paralyzed by desperation and shame, the emptiness was so excavating and present, the pain so indescribably crushing, the fear so breath-taking. Fear of every second and minute of the present, of every hour and every day of the future. The abortion tore something apart in me which I did not realize immediately. Staggering in shock, for a time of my life functioning outwardly. But it was there, this invisible wall between me and reality. The sense of me and my body was gone, giving way to a deep inner emptiness.

In the (SaveOne) course, we carefully removed the wall brick by brick. In an environment where I had room with all my thoughts and feelings which were heard but never judged or evaluated. It was so freeing to finally put into words the disappointments, self-reproaches, and hurts that had walled me in. Everything was allowed to be and be said. Continually, in a speed that was adjusted to me, until I came to the surface. And now I can look closely, accept the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. More than words can say has happened inside of me in the weeks and months of the course. But this one thing is the greatest miracle: I smile again. And for the first time in years it comes from the inside, from the heart. (because I know and sense in my heart that God has forgiven me and therefore I also can forgive myself.)

Everyone senses pain in a different way and deals differently with grief. But no one desires to have an abortion one day, to give up one’s own child. The emotional consequences are crushing, barely endurable. Therefore I ask you, almost beg you: do not let this time of your life be taken away from you, dare to take a look at it, to give yourself space, for the tumbling of the walls, the letting go of the reproaches is worth the labor. Every day can be worth living it again. I know it takes courage but trust that you will not have to walk it alone, not one step of it.

When we take the time to draw near to God, He draws near to us BIG TIME and mighty change occurs. Come and enjoy life again in the BIG TIME. We can show you how! www.saveone.org

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