As we move toward the fall, I know many of our chapters (churches and pregnancy centers) will be starting new SaveOne classes. This thrills us and we are so thankful for your continued participation in abortion recovery. We know this is the greatest way to save babies, transform lives, restore marriages, break the bondage of substance abuse, end pornography addictions, and deal with anger issues. Furthermore, the lives that were wrecked by the sin of abortion are put on the path back to Jesus. Holding a SaveOne class, even after 14 years, never gets old. Seeing these transformations take place right before my eyes is nothing less than a miracle. So thank you for those who are starting their fall classes!

If you are reading this and you have had an abortion or know someone who has (man or woman), and you have never been through a SaveOne class, I urge you to not postpone this commitment. Join a local chapter today! If there is not one near you, we can hook you up with a SaveOne staff member who can travel this journey with you online. Don’t wait¬−I promise facing this is worth the tears and hard spots you will go through.

Also, have you checked out our store recently? Go to www.saveone.org and click on “store”. Our books are available there, PLUS we have a few additions that we are most proud of. The first one is my latest book entitled, “Is There Not a Cause?” You will want to read one, and also get a copy for your pastor. The second one is our new custom SaveOne bracelets. If you have lost a child to abortion or miscarriage, these bracelets are a beautiful reminder of your child(ren) in heaven. You can get pink or blue beads for the gender of your child. Mine means a lot to me as I wear it, for I remember my daughter, Megan. Plus, when you purchase our products, you help us reach more people! Thank you in advance.

Please say hello to our newest chapters…

*Pulaski, TN

*Pulaski, TN (yes we have 2 new chapters in this town!)

*Kircham, Austria

*Ashland City, TN

*Murfreesboro, TN

*Davenport, IA

*Berkeley, CA

*White Pigeon, MI

We are thrilled when a church or pregnancy center comes alongside us and locks arms in this battle against abortion that we face. We love seeing churches become a healing place for those in their community (1 out of every 3 women and 1 out of every 3 men) who have suffered the aftermath of abortion.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or comments. We like hearing from you. And please feel free to share these blog posts and sign up to follow this blog. You help us greatly by being interested in what we’re doing!


The fact that you took the time to read my blog truly means the world to me. Please reply and let me know you were here. I LOVE REPLIES AND COMMENTS!