Facts lie

I was speaking at a local church one Sunday morning, so I asked my assistant
Sarah sarah-vaughn to meet me and help work the SaveOne table after the services. As I pulled into the parking lot, she yelled at me from down the row of empty handicapped spaces. She had parked at the end of the row in the first regular spot not reserved for the handicapped.

As I stood at the front door and waited on her, she slowly made her way down the long sidewalk. An onslaught of thoughts came to my mind as I watched this beautiful girl walk toward me. Sarah was born 22 years earlier with Cerebral Palsy. When I first met her as a teenager, she was unable to walk unassisted. She had crutches that were never far from her hands. As a baby the doctors labeled her as handicapped. There was no denying the fact Sarah had CP…but handicapped?

Months earlier I had sat in the audience and cheered as I watched her walk across the stage unassisted to receive her college diploma. I knew then the word “handicapped” had never defined Sarah. The long embrace she received from her professor let me know the professor knew, just as the audience did, this girl is not handicapped. I thought about all the excuses I had given myself for not going on to get my Master’s degree. The next week I enrolled and now I am six months in to graduate school. Sarah motivated me to overcome what I believed as fact and realize that fact was lying and keeping me from furthering my much needed education.

Sarah works full-time for Mercy Ministries since she graduated college, she loves the Lord with all her heart, she volunteers her time for SaveOne just because she believes in our cause, she sponsors an orphan in Haiti, she drove herself in her own car that morning refusing to park in the handicapped spaces, and she ran my table like a boss that Sunday. What sets her apart is that she didn’t allow her challenges to define her life. She realized facts lie and this was a fact that was lying.

Watching this young girl has made me question the facts in my own life. Where and what am I accepting as truth just because I was stamped with a label early on. What do I see in others lives that I am accepting as fact in my own? What “facts” have gone unchallenged around me just because science says so, or the status quo has allowed them to remain? We should dig and find these areas in our lives and root them out. These so called “facts” could be exactly what is holding us back from our God-given destiny.

Sarah is actually in the company of some pretty cool people. It was a fact all Hebrew male babies were to be killed, but Moses mother didn’t believe it. It was a fact anyone who approached the King would be put to death, But Esther didn’t believe it. It was a fact Saul imprisoned and killed any Christians he could find, but Ananias didn’t believe it. It was a fact the prodigal was lost to the world, but his dad didn’t believe it. It was a fact David and his army were on their way to destroy Nabal and his land, but Abigail didn’t believe it. It was a fact the army couldn’t defeat Goliath, but David didn’t believe it. It was a fact Lazarus was dead, but Jesus didn’t believe it.

Have I made my point? Start today to challenge these “facts” that hold you back, release your faith in Him and see God open the doors of heaven to your actions and your faith just like He did for Moses, Esther, Ananias, and my dear friend Sarah! These people would not, could not, live in defeat accepting labels and laws as truth. They stepped out in faith and knew the God of heaven’s armies had their back!

13 thoughts on “Facts lie

  1. Beautiful article, Sheila!
    And Sarah – I don’t know you, I’ve never met you, I’ve only heard your voice a couple of times on the other end of the phone on our conference call, but now I’ve learned a little something about you and the challenges you have faced and I have a soft spot in my heart for you…

    I know these challenges well as my stepson has CP – I have been his stepmom for 33 years, since he was 4. We were told “he will never walk”…he does! “He will never live on his own”…he does! “He will never have a normal life”….he does! His “normal” is a different “normal” from ours but it is still normal. I remember years ago when Brad was a teenager and living with us he asked me, “Why did God make me this way?”. I told him, “I don’t know why, Brad, but what I do know is that you are very special and dear to God’s heart and He has given you very special gifts that others do not have. For one you have an extra measure of compassion for others. You can identify with and help others with disabilities in ways that those without physical disabilities can’t. People are drawn to you and you bless others by just being who God made you to be.” All this is true of you too, Sarah! Brad is an overcomer, Sarah, and you too are an overcomer!

    With love in Christ!
    Terri Nordone
    SaveOne – Salem Oregon
    Live God strong!

    1. AW Terri! This got me all choked up. I had no idea your son had CP! I’m glad I know that now and I’m so happy you can identify with the struggles Sarah faces, and faces quite well I might add. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and learn more about our precious friend. Love you girl!

    2. Terri, that is so sweet of you to share that with me. I praise God for what He has done in Brad’s life as well. God is so good! And, He certainly can take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it around for our good! I will gladly receive His truth over the world’s “facts” any day!


  2. Awesome article Sheila!!! Love watching and following what you and Jackie are saying on FB. Robert & Sonia Lopez

  3. Beautifully spoken. The world wants us to believe the lable and lies it tells us. God’s Word speaks the truth to our hearts and mind if we only believe it.

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