Draconian- Part 2

Do you like being called names? Well…I don’t either, that’s why I started this short series of blogs after I was called (indirectly, but still) an “anti-choicer wanting to place draconian laws on women” in regards to abortion. These people doing the name-calling seriously concern me. Let me tell you why you should be concerned too…

Back in the late 70’s TN passed four laws protecting women and their right to choose. Here are the four…1) Informed Consent, 2) 48 hour waiting period, 3) late-term abortions had to be performed in a hospital, and 4) abortion mills had to be regulated and inspected. Planned Parenthood came in and sued our state in the case, Planned Parenthood vs. Sundquist. They accused TN of interfering with a woman’s right to choose. TN lost the lawsuit and because of this we now have to have a constitutional amendment to bring our state back to a neutral position on the issue of abortion. This Amendment will be on our ballot in November. Vote Yes on 1.

Let’s look at each of these laws and what purpose they served. You decide for yourself if you think they are draconian, or if they were helping women. In this blog we’ll dissect #1–informed consent.

The other day I was at the hospital with a friend who was having foot surgery. While there, the nurse came in and explained exactly what the surgeon was going to do to my friend’s foot, even pulling back the sheet to show my friend her foot had a big black X on it to assure her they were working on the correct foot! Then my friend had to sign a piece of paper giving her stamp of approval that yes indeed she wanted this surgery performed. That, my friends, is informed consent. And THAT is what was taken away, by Planned Parenthood, from women seeking abortion.

We have teenage girls going in to abortion mills in the state of TN and allowing these “doctors” to perform surgery without ever having full knowledge of the procedure or its risks. Why would any person want young girls and women to walk blindly into an abortion without being informed? Why would anyone fight so hard to take that away from wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters all across our state?

Could it be because Planned Parenthood knows if the violence of this procedure were told to this young girl she would be horrified?

Could it be if she knew she was risking a higher chance of breast cancer, infertility, depression, and suicide she might change her mind?

Could it be if this young girl knew what happened to the child during the abortion process she might change her mind?

If abortion is my right to choose, if abortion is good for me, if taking away abortion would put us back in the stone age, then why the secrecy? Why must the pro-aborts cloak their actions behind dark politics, and lawsuits? Why not come completely out of the closet and fully inform women and THEN let the women give their consent. Women deserve to be informed.


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  1. Well said Sheila, so many people seem to be either confused or don’t know what Amendment 1 is trying to accomplish. Thanks for clarifying!

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