Draconian- Part 3

I got the call from a local high school guidance counselor. The conversation went something like this…

GC: I heard you help girls after they have abortions
Me: Yes that’s what we try to do
GC: Well I have a girl I don’t know what to do with. You are my last hope.

I traveled to the high school a few days later ready to meet this young girl the counselor didn’t know what to do with. I found myself riveted to the chair for the next hour listening to this young girl’s harrowing story.

She was 15 and pregnant. Her mother was adamant she would NOT have a baby. She made an appointment at the local abortion mill and took her daughter on the appointed day. This young girl begged and pleaded with her mother to not take her, and not force her to have an abortion.

When they arrived the young girl promptly told the workers she did NOT want the abortion, naively thinking they would help her. In true fashion…they didn’t help her. In fact, the young girl filled out her paperwork wrong, didn’t sign her name, told everyone she came in contact with she was being forced, all to no avail. She worked so hard to try to save the life of her child and no one would listen.

Her number was called and she walked to the room and was told to lay down on the table. That was just too much for this young girl. She tried to run and they stopped her. Then the workers proceeded to forcibly lay her on the table as she kicked and screamed and pleaded for her child. They sedated her and took the life of her child very much against her will.

This scenario didn’t happen in Russia or China, but right here in Nashville, TN. Upon hearing this horrific story, I spent the next 3 months meeting with this girl weekly, walking her through the grieving process, as well as the forgiveness process for those workers and her mother. She worked diligently through the study bringing her Bible each week to her guidance counselor’s room and allowing Jesus to heal the gaping wound abortion had left with her. This young girl was remarkably brave and will forever stand out in my mind. She has since given me permission to share her story in hopes it will help others.

Fast forward to today. The TN voters have an amendment to our constitution coming up on the ballot this November. I’m writing this short series of blogs to talk about what this amendment means to us and why we should VOTE YES ON 1.

Back in the late 70’s TN passed four laws protecting women and their right to choose. Here are the four…1) Informed Consent, (which I covered in “Draconian- Part 2) 2) 48 hour waiting period, 3) late-term abortions had to be performed in a hospital, and 4) abortion mills had to be regulated and inspected. Planned Parenthood came in and sued our state in the case, Planned Parenthood vs. Sundquist. They accused TN of interfering with a woman’s right to choose. TN lost the lawsuit and because of this we now have to have a constitutional amendment to bring our state back to a neutral position on the issue of abortion. This Amendment is the one I spoke of earlier. Vote Yes on 1.

I decided to dissect each of these laws after I was called (indirectly, but still) an “anti-choicer wanting to place draconian laws on women” in regards to abortion. In this blog I want you to think about a 48-hour waiting period and whether or not you think it is a draconian law against women.

Take my young high school friend for example. How differently would her story be today if there had been a waiting period? She would have seen the reality of where she was going and could have taken further steps during that 48 hours to protect her life and the life of her child.

Or what about the plaque at the “National Memorial for the Unborn” in Chattanooga, TN that I read every time I visit that simply states, “To my ten children, incest was cruel to all of us”. How different would this mother’s life be if there had been a waiting period for the first abortion? I have to ponder the question if the other nine would have occurred. We are guaranteeing further abuse in these incest victims lives by making abortion easy and accessible. The predators actions are never brought to light, and there is no accountability for his crime.

I can continue to tell story after story after story after story of women I have sat in SaveOne classes with, who describe the shocking and disturbing detail of a forced abortion. Sometimes these stories are more than I can bear. Knowing this is going on every day all across our land and right here in the state of TN. If not for the grace that flows so freely from Jesus I could not continue doing what I do.

Amendment 1 is not placing draconian laws on women, in fact it’s not bringing back any laws whatsoever! This amendment is simply making the TN Constitution neutral on the issue of abortion, putting the control of our state back in the voter’s hands. So, the next time you see someone pushing the Vote No agenda, remember this blog, remember my high school friend, and let them know what they are doing to girls and women all across our state.

Protect our wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, and our state. VOTE YES ON 1!

8 thoughts on “Draconian- Part 3

  1. Sheila thanks for the clarifications. I have tried to explain the need to vote yes to several. I didn’t realize that so many vote by just listening to commentators. …people read the fine print. Your blog has explained things greatly and with much more poise than I try to explain things on occasion. Love you and pray for u often. Your work is Godly, important, needed, and appreciated. I know you r working feverishly to get the information out. God speed. Love u. Tonya

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Tonya. They truly mean the world to us. When people believe in this cause it motivates us on to bigger and greater things in the name of Jesus. Love you girl and God’s blessings on you!

  2. Wow…Sheila, what a story. May the Lord continue to heal these young women hurt by the pain of abortion. I had the privilege of sharing my abortion experience in many public schools in Canada, hoping not one young girl would have to go through what my husband I went through. I was actually in a situation where a Public Health nurse was asked to come into one of my presentations to check me out, they were concerned about me because I was promoting waiting to have sex. The woman from Public Health packaged abortion as a gift to the young women with no consequences. I was determined to share my experience of abortion and determined that every young women left that classroom knowing abortion hurts women and ends the life our children. This story of this young woman, makes me wonder how many young women are hurting after an abortion in our high schools! May the Lord give us His strength to do abortion-recovery.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Michelle! I’m so thankful you had the courage to move forward in the place of opposition. We need more truth-tellers like you! Keep speaking up and telling truth. That’s what always wins in the end. Blessings to you friend!

  3. I continue to share my story to anyone who will listen. Thanks for sharing yours! I hear so much disinformation around Amendment 1 that if it doesn’t pass it will be because those of us that support it don’t make it crystal clear what the amendment means and why it’s so important.

    1. You’re exactly right Randall! This thing is up to the Christian vote and if this amendment is not passed it will leave a horrible stain on the pro-life movement as well as show us what our state thinks about morality and our values we hold so dearly. Keep on sharing Randall. We need to hear your story. We need to constantly be reminded that men hurt too, and men regret their abortion experience!

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