Draconian- Part 4

Driving down the road one day I encountered what seemed to me, to be something out of place. You know those pictures we were shown as a child and were asked to pick out what didn’t belong? That’s what I was reminded of at the moment. It was an odd addition of a business nestled between the Food Lion, car wash, and Kmart that caught my attention. This business was located in a small strip with three store fronts. At the top of one door was a HUGE sign that read “PLASTIC SURGERY”.

At first I thought they surely could not be serious. Someone would actually go have plastic surgery there??? It became a source of curiosity to me wondering if people would show up. Now maybe there is something more to this than meets the eye, but let me tell you, if I ever choose to have a tummy tuck or nose job, I’ll be headed to my local hospital, and not a store front by the car wash.

This scenario still applies in Nashville, TN. Fast forward to today. The TN voters have an amendment to our constitution coming up on the ballot this November. I’m writing this short series of blogs to talk about what this amendment means to us and why we should VOTE YES ON 1.

Back in the late 70’s TN passed four laws protecting women and their right to choose. Here are the four…1) Informed Consent, (which I covered in “Draconian- Part 2) 2) 48 hour waiting period, (which I covered in “Draconian- Part 3) 3) late-term abortions had to be performed in a hospital, and 4) abortion mills had to be regulated and inspected. Planned Parenthood came in and sued our state in the case, Planned Parenthood vs. Sundquist. They accused TN of interfering with a woman’s right to choose by passing those four laws. TN lost the lawsuit and became one of the most liberal states in regards to abortion. Few people know that if abortion were outlawed tomorrow in America, one could still travel to TN and obtain a legal abortion… So now because of these results we have to pass a constitutional amendment to bring our state back to a neutral position on the issue of abortion; in line with all eight surrounding states. This Amendment is the one I spoke of earlier. Vote Yes on 1.

I decided to dissect each of these laws that were stripped from us and the women seeking abortion, after I was called (indirectly, but still) an “anti-choicer wanting to place draconian laws on women” in regards to abortion. In this blog I want you to think about requiring late-term abortions being performed in a hospital and whether or not you think it is a draconian law against women.

Most people do not know that America is one of only four countries that allows late-term abortions. Yeah, let that one sink in a minute. As you can imagine, a late-term abortion is a horrific procedure performed against a child. I will not go into what is involved in this gruesome act against humanity, you can find this information for yourself with one look on any internet search engine. Due to the fact we have no state laws regulating late-term abortions we have “doctors” performing this procedure in these abortion mills without a second thought in regards to the health of the mother. In other words, they’re performing serious surgery nestled in between the Food Lion, car wash, and Kmart. If the abortionists were concerned about her health more than her money they would encourage her to go where she could get the best care.

When Planned Parenthood sued the state of TN and stripped us of this requirement, we began to have women at risk who go into this procedure with no knowledge up front (remember they took away informed consent too) into these places that are not equipped for such a major surgery. Picture PLASTIC SURGERY above the door of a store front, miles away from the nearest hospital.

Voting YES ON 1 will not bring this law back. I want you as a voter, a reader, an informed citizen to get FIRED UP and angry that Planned Parenthood has this kind of power over our state. It is common knowledge they have an agenda and that agenda is money. They are not concerned for women, our health, or the well-being of our state.

In the last few weeks I have seen and heard that the “no on 1” folks have said this amendment will regulate birth control, interfere with child-rearing, ban abortion, keep women who have suffered rape or incest from having abortions, and even have something to do with gay marriage!! These claims are completely laughable! I have been called names, and some pretty cruddy stuff has been written about me since I started this series of blogs. Not one has challenged the truth I’m espousing. Name-calling is the extent of their attacks. People are angry that I’m telling the truth. People are angry that others are telling the truth. They’re grasping at anything they can pluck out of the air to try to make fear and doubt come into the minds of TN voters. Don’t let it.

In fact, I challenge you to find the truth for yourself. Look at the actual amendment and think about the words written there. I had one woman saying this amendment would allow the government to make health decisions for women when the amendment clearly states, “the people retain the right”. Look at honest, reputable sites and ask honest, reputable people what the truth of the matter is. Check what I’m saying and educate yourself about this subject. This Amendment is too important, and there are too many people telling lies about this subject to keep the abortion agenda alive in our state. It’s time we took our state back and allowed the voters to decide what they want!

Protect our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and our state. Vote YES ON 1.

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