Draconian- and finally…

This will be my last blog post on this subject. As of this writing, we have less than one week before we will know the outcome of whether or not Amendment 1 will pass, changing our TN Constitution. There has been much deception and mis-truth circulated from the opposing side. I hope my blog posts have helped some, or at least a few, see through the muck and mire clarifying the reasons behind this Amendment.

Back in the late 70’s TN passed four laws protecting women and their right to choose. Here are the four…1) Informed Consent, (which I covered in “Draconian- Part 2) 2) 48 hour waiting period, (Draconian- Part 3) 3) late-term abortions had to be performed in a hospital, (Draconian- Part 4) and 4) abortion mills had to be regulated and inspected. Planned Parenthood came in and sued our state in the case, Planned Parenthood vs. Sundquist. They accused TN of interfering with a woman’s right to choose. TN lost the lawsuit and because of this we now have to have a constitutional amendment to bring our state back to a neutral position on the issue of abortion. This Amendment is the one I spoke of earlier. Vote Yes on 1.

I decided to dissect each of these laws after I was called (indirectly, but still) an “anti-choicer wanting to place draconian laws on women” in regards to abortion. In this blog I want you to think about abortion mills being regulated and inspected and whether or not you think it is a draconian law against women.

Tattoo parlors in TN have regulations and requirements, veterinarian clinics in TN have regulations and requirements and are held to certain standards in order to maintain an operational license. Any and all of these facilities in TN are inspected in order to insure cleanliness, and that procedures for maintaining these facilities are in compliance. Yet the TN Health Department acknowledges that when it comes to abortion clinics there are no regulations or inspections required. We can get tatted up in clean and safely regulated facilities, we can take our animals and have a peace of mind that the veterinarian clinic will be held to a standard of excellence; but when it comes to the operations performed on women who are having an abortion, the state of TN has no care or concern for the health of the women who come for the procedure, because they have no care or concern for the cleanliness of the facility.

Give me a break! Do we really want this for our state? We’re allowing our mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters to have surgery performed on them in a facility that is left to its own devices in regards to cleanliness, licensed workers, doctors with hospital admitting privileges, and buildings up to par for a surgical facility. Why are we allowing this to happen on our watch? It seems the very people who are calling for abortion to NOT be a back alley procedure are indeed MAKING abortion a back alley procedure.

Now please know, voting YES on Amendment 1 will not bring required licensing, or regular inspections of these mills. All this amendment provides is a chance for our state to be neutral on the issue of abortion, instead of the most liberal Constitution in our land. Very few people know that because our constitution is so liberal, if Roe vs. Wade were overturned tomorrow, one could still travel to TN and get a legal abortion.

THAT’s why we need this amendment. THAT’s why we need to vote YES ON 1. THAT’s why we need to bring our state up to par with the 8 surrounding states and keep TN from being an abortion destination any longer.

We have this one moment in time to make a difference, use your voice to be the one that speaks to the future and our families.

Protect our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and our state. Vote YES ON 1.

The fact that you took the time to read my blog truly means the world to me. Please reply and let me know you were here. I LOVE REPLIES AND COMMENTS!