Monthly Archives: November 2014


What an incredible time to be part of the abortion recovery movement! I know I have said this before, but I so wish every single one of you could sit in my office with me and read the multitude of emails we receive from men and women who are grateful for our SaveOne chapter leaders! People who have been through our classes contact us on a regular basis and let us know how their lives have changed.

I can’t say enough about the greatness of our chapter leaders. I am grateful for their sacrifice. They take their time, training, and sometimes travel and are away from their families, spending their own resources and much more, to see God’s truth be implanted into a broken life after abortion. I know every great move of God requires great risk and sacrifice. If you look back over time in modern day as well as in Bible times we find that to be true over and over. Greatness comes with a cost.

This day is no different. We are seeing miracle restorations occur in people once thought too far-gone. Because of this the enemy hates our leaders and hates what they’re doing. He would rather see them dead than be a part of someone’s awesome turnaround for God. He wants to keep them busy, and make them think what they’re doing doesn’t matter. He wants them to think abortion recovery is not that powerful, and be overwhelmed with the abortion issue. Those who do not fall prey to this nonsense are the ones experiencing the greatness I’m talking about.

It’s no different for you in your respective ministry. I just had coffee with a girl who wants to join SaveOne here in Nashville. She asked if people got attacked by the enemy when they start working with abortion recovery, because it felt like that was happening to her. Don’t be surprised by this! The enemy has nothing new, and is very predictable. Keep yourself covered with God’s protection (Psalm 91 is a great chapter to pray over yourself and your family) and keep going, keep moving, keep rescuing those who think there is no hope after abortion.

YOU know, when the Son sets you free you are free indeed, no turning back, no picking up that guilt and shame anymore. You are helping people finally be ready to be used as a great tool in the hands of our great God!

So I tell you all of this to say, what you’re doing matters, because YOU matter and God has called you to this place for this time. I thank you, our SaveOne chapter leaders, for having the guts to be part of a ministry that is forging a path in areas, oftentimes, where no one has gone before.

Please be praying for us as we shift some things around, have some fundraisers, and ready SaveOne to go to the next level.