Need comfort? I got your comfort

Have you ever helped someone with a problem, then realized the aid you gave was from a place of learning in a dark stormy part of your life? Or what about the times we seek help for our own problem from someone we know has walked this path before us? Either way, we gave or received comfort.

It’s such a satisfying moment when we understand a difficulty we faced, and what we learned in that difficulty we could later transfer to someone else. I have to be honest that’s a pretty good feeling. It makes you think about your problem differently, like you didn’t go through it just for yourself. Maybe you had to travel that path to help the person sitting right beside you. When you’re able to give the help needed, you feel somewhat like the person out front hacking down the weeds first so everyone behind you will know the way.

I have been the one to benefit from such help on more than one occasion. But the time this kind of help changed my life so drastically was a deep, dark, secretive, and emotional time for me. I had lived seven years with the secret of my abortion. I was now married and had two children. My family was taken on my emotional roller-coaster daily. I heard a local group was offering help for those who had chosen abortion. I knew I needed the benefit of their wisdom, so I struck out on this path, taking a chance these people I did not know, had forged a path I could walk on.

Many of you who know me, know this was the start of a lifelong journey I would walk helping others along the way. On this path hundreds have struck out on their own forging new paths, helping men and women who have chosen abortion. It has been a beautiful thing to watch those who needed help and comfort, receive help and comfort, then turn around and offer that same help and comfort to others.

At the end of 2014 I was sitting in a church service when my pastor (also my husband) read a scripture. I’m sure I had read it before but this time it was a beacon of light for me. 2 Corinthians 1:4 which says, “He comforts us in all our troubles so we can comfort others. When they are troubled we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” I knew…THAT’S IT! That describes perfectly what we do at SaveOne.

Our chapter leaders and staff members have allowed God to heal and comfort those places that were most hurt after abortion. They in turn took that knowledge they learned from this process and are now helping others who are troubled and in need of comfort. It’s a beautiful progression as we walk forward on this path God has laid out for us. I loved this verse so much I made it our theme verse for 2015! I want everyone reminded of why SaveOne exists and what we do.

Can you take time to comment on this blog and tell us how God used you to comfort others, or how comfort was given to you? Maybe you know someone who has had an abortion and needs comfort. Share this blog with them, point them to SaveOne, and let’s reach more people than we ever have in 2015! Let’s show how these words can come to life in our friends and families’ circumstance!

The picture attached to this post is a great example of how comfort flows from Jesus through individuals and out to others. The ladies in this picture are just one of many examples of why SaveOne is successful. It’s because they have enacted 2 Corinthians 1:4.

7 thoughts on “Need comfort? I got your comfort

  1. Dude!! AMEN!! I have been on both sides, way too many times to name them all here! I thank God for that and often try to remind others who are in the midst of their darkness or I am in my own for whatever reason. Thank you SO much for posting that passage and reference!! That is WAY perfect! Now on the list of my favorites. And what touched me deeply about it, is that it’s 2Cor1:4, and my aborted brother’s (Joey) anniversary: 2/14!!!!! 😀 God definitely has helped me a lot where Joey is concerned, and has called me to be His instrument in reaching out to other sibs (and so many others). His confidence in me is beyond amazing!! I would not really have chosen these ministries on my own, but I thank Him for them

  2. This picture was taken the week that marked the 20th anniversary of my abortion. My journey to forgiveness and healing began but a few months earlier. Thank you to Sheila for saying YES to God and creating the program that my mentor took who in turn helped me. As I close this chapter, I am eagerly awaiting my opportunity to help walk someone through the healing process. What a blessing this program is and will be for generations to come!

    1. Carey, I couldn’t be more happy and proud of you. I can’t wipe the smile from my face just knowing you walked a hard road and are seeing God’s hand move you steadily through. God has much to say through your life, your healing, your tears, and your willingness to obey and deal with the tough issues! Love you bunches, and thanks for the very kind words.

  3. Hey Sheila! Great blog with wonderful truth. I too love that scripture. It brings me joy both as a recipient of that comfort from my regrettable choice of having an abortion 30 years ago and now leading ladies to that comfort in a SaveOne group. It’s our first class and I’m thrilled! God is so awesome. Thank you for forging the way for many of us to be real about our healing and giving us a place to give it out. You did all the hard work and many are blessed. I know God is smiling! His comfort is for all! Much love, Dina

    1. I’m so happy and proud for you Dina! You are taking what God did for you and transferring it to others and I think nothing makes God smile more. You are doing a great job and I can’t wait to see what all He is going to do through your obedience. Keep up the great work! Love you bunches!

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