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I hated you when you walked through that door…

I know you’re going to love hearing Timothy’s story as much as I have been privileged to watch it unfold!

From Timothy…
Talk about being put on the spot! Actually I love sharing my story now. First man to go through a SaveOne class, hmmmmm.

Should he be here?

That inquiry is what I saw on the faces of those around the circle. If it wasn’t for the unanswered questions I was desperate to get answered, I would have turned around in the parking lot.

There were a million unknowns. What kind of interrogation were the ladies in the class going to put me through? Would they accept me, my story, my answers? Would they be shocked that I felt grief and love for my child? Sheila had no idea what I would say, how the other ladies would react, etc. But God knew the end result before the beginning. Thank God everyone accepted my answers and my story unconditionally. It turned out to be extraordinary.

Misconceptions were shattered.

I heard their regret and they heard mine.

Our sharing melted hardened hearts in that room over the course of the SaveOne class. One of the ladies confessed to me at the end of the 12 weeks, “I hated you when you walked through that door just because you were a man, but now I’m glad to call you a brother in Christ.” I will cherish those words forever.

Finishing the class was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my life, my marriage, and my family. When I finished SaveOne I knew I would share my story and hoped God would use it for His glory. I’m an average, normal guy, so if this affected me so strongly, I was sure it would affect other men.

Sheila asked me what it feels like to be the inspiration behind the men’s study. The tears well up knowing there are men everywhere looking for answers, trying to put words to their feelings and needing to know they are not struggling alone. Seeing the men’s study book really motivated me to share even more. But I had no idea this idea/movement/help would spread throughout continents.

As I’m writing this I’m reminded that women need to hear my story as much as the guys. Ladies, we may not express our feelings as eloquently, but deep down we need healing too. Our struggles are different and the same. And more guys than you realize wish we could turn back time and be a better man than we were. I miss my daughter and I can’t wait to meet her.

Men, we can’t change how we reacted or what we did/didn’t do to complicate the circumstances. But today we can allow God to heal our souls and be a healing agent to others.

To everyone, follow me as I follow Christ. Spread the light of God’s love and forgiveness. Inspire those that I can’t. Hug those out of my reach. I love every one of you. My heart rejoices at the thought of you.