“…saves the world entire.”

We walked the streets of Furth, Germany for 3 hours and to tell you the truth I was a little tired. No, I take that back I was exhausted. I had been traveling and speaking every day, and I was looking so forward to going back to my friend’s office and just relaxing with a cup of coffee.

When the time came, and I finally landed in a comfy chair with coffee in hand was when it happened.

The group of people I was with were all talking, sharing cookies, and having a good time when our quiet, unassuming city tour guide slowly removed 8 gold bands from his case. First he was only talking to me and my husband Jack. He was trying to explain over the laughing, coffee-drinking crowd, about a scene from the movie, “Schindler’s List”. Many of you may have seen the part he was trying to explain. I wasn’t all the way focused on what he was saying, so I couldn’t remember although I was trying to picture it in my mind. I didn’t understand why I was having to focus my mind on a movie when I was so tired and I just wanted to relax.

As he explained his motive behind bringing the gold bands, his eyes filled with tears and his chin began to quiver. One by one my laughing and coffee-drinking friends began to take notice. One of them took a seat nearby, then another, then another, until he had our complete, undivided attention.

I realized with his emotion this was extremely important to him so I forced my mind to zero in on his words and what he was saying. Our tour guide, Tom, brought it all home when he said the words from the movie that were inscribed on the gold band the Jewish survivors had fashioned for Oskar Schindler.

“He who saves a single soul, saves the world entire.”

This man whom I had just met 3 hours prior then handed me and every one standing there a replica of the ring fashioned for Oskar Schindler, complete with inscription. He continued on to tell us the work we were doing through SaveOne was having the same lasting effects on generations to come.

My heart flooded, my eyes spilled over, and I was completely engulfed in a moment I knew would last for many years in my memory. I had never been told words so profound. I had never felt so unworthy of the comparison, but yet so honored to think of the multiplied-thousands of lives God has saved through SaveOne.

There is much more to abortion recovery than what we see with our eyes. This issue, this choice, its after effects run deep. So deeply, oftentimes it takes a process to heal the gaping wound a person is left with. I saw how our work moved this man to tears as he thanked us for making a difference. And I felt so honored to be a part of an organization that God has used mightily to prevent abortion and end abortion on a grand scale.

If you or someone you know is suffering after an abortion do not wait one more day. Contact us, we can help you. We would also love to hear from you. In the comments below, please let us know your story, and please share this post to help others who may be suffering after abortion to not suffer any longer.

Stand with us because “He who saves a single soul, saves the world entire.”

6 thoughts on ““…saves the world entire.”

  1. This is Tom, the tour guide you have spoken about.

    Sorry, that I was too long in getting the message to you. But by coincidence I came over your blog and saw the article. Thank you for mentioning me.

    I gave you all this ring, because the Lord gave me an impression about two weeks before that I should give you and your fellow workers a ring like that. And yes, morally, spiritually and emotionally there is not much difference in saving jews from the holocaust and saving unborn babies from being aborted – whatever the effect it has for the baby, for the mother to become and the actual father, all have a loss. And yes, this is my opinion, because I am also working in the field of forgiveness, historic research and what it meant for our city Fürth (I am still an accredited official tour guide within the city of Fürth, which was the former German Jerusalem) to loose 1069 named people (there are much more actually), what it means for a city like ours to loose its character, when suddently 2 to 10 % of the population gets “thrown away”.

    But I made this guided tour as well for another reason and it looks like as if you haven’t understood, because it was so tiring: A society without abortion is possible! The tour should have shown, how we in our city reduced the baby mortality from 28,7% to less than 4% in the time of the German industrialization before WW I: The jews in our city gave the donations, protestant deaconesses (similar to nuns) took care of the babies, where mothers could go to work, improving child daycare and education in two senses: Educating the young mothers to lead their (at that time) shameful life (how can you get a baby though you are not married!) by ladies, who have given their life in dedication to the Lord, especially by not being married (deaconesses – protestant nuns). Also by education of the young ladies of the young ladies high school next to it, that they should take care for those in need. And that every one in the city has to give a tribute to build up the community.

    A society without abortion is possible. This is the message, I wanted to say: But the analysis must be done and applied by yourself for the USA or the rest of the world.

    If you are around in NYC at the time of the marathon, I am in good training and will be there. Then I will run with my T-Shirt from the former German Jerusalem: I run with Jesus – do you?

    And the Lord asked me to do one thing: That I should dedicate this run to the 1069 victims of the Shoah of our city. As the jews in our city who have been murdered and could have brought their contribution to a better society so I think that most of the babies, who never had a chance to give enrichment and a contribution to a society which regards them as “garbage”.



    1. Just a small tiny comment: There have been many other small contributions in reducing the baby mortality at that time. And so every bit and every drop which can contribute is helpful. Sometimes it is not the big step which makes it work, it is the small tiny little thousand steps by about 500 people. Every small little share can help! This is especially the lession, which we learn in dealing with the one million refugees, whom we suddenly have got in a land of 80 million. It is less the question: Can we make the difference, but more the question do we want to make the difference!

      I hope, that this may help you all guys in America not to give up but to get on the move for building up the glory of the kingdom of God!

    1. I know right? haha Thanks for being a part of this Kaci! I’m using your journal you bought me right now so I think about you every time I open it to write. I love reading over the note you wrote me in the front saying, “Let’s do something great for God!” I love you friend.

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