The Answer to Ending Abortion

Ernest Hemingway once said writing was nothing more than opening up a vein and bleeding on the page. Well that’s what I’m about to do.

Everyone has been posting the Planned Parenthood (PP) video showing the abortionist, over wine and salad………talking about how she moves the baby around in a mother’s womb as to not crush body parts she will later sell for profit. She discusses the demands for liver, (unborn babies livers) as cavalierly as my friends and I discuss nail polish. She tosses around facts about how she and her colleagues will turn the baby into breech position and crush the body parts to remove him or her from the womb but yet still keep the head intact. And I have to admit, I don’t even have words to form an opinion. On Tuesday when this video came out I started getting inbox messages, texts, people putting the video on my facebook wall, phone calls, etc wanting to know if I had watched the video. I saw the headline on it and I avoided it for the first few hours and then curiosity got the best of me. I felt I owed it to myself, the babies and the mothers to watch it. We cannot turn a blind eye to this. Yes, it feels better to keep our head in the sand and stay focused on our busy lives, our social media, our appointments, but at the same time like a black cloud following us, at some point we have to realize something is horribly wrong here.

How long can we ignore it?

How long can we look the other way and think voting for a pro-life candidate every 4 years fulfills our obligation to God to care for “the least of these”?

How long do we think God is going to hold back His wrath from our country, and our church, when this is happening on our watch?

How long are we going to continue to spin our wheels with politics when politics has done nothing but give us over a million dead babies every year for 40 plus years.

How long?

We don’t have the political clout we thought we did anyway, look at the recent SCOTUS decision on marriage equality to learn that!

Those of us who work in the area of life issues are not surprised by this video. Yes, we’re disgusted, we’ve cried, we’ve prayed, it’s gotten our attention. But we’re talking about the largest abortion provider in our country. PP makes a living from killing unborn babies for profit. Do you realize what I’m saying here? THEY MAKE A LIVING, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, OFF THE KILLING OF UNBORN BABIES! So while this is happening at the rate of thousands per day in our country, why are we so surprised they would take it a step further and profit doubly off these children’s remains?

There is really nothing, not one thing I am saying that is making me feel better. I really can’t even put into words the disdain, the disgust, the heart full of hurt I feel for my country, for families, for children, for my future grandchildren, that we have allowed this to happen on our watch. ON OUR WATCH! God placed us,, us, here for this time for this purpose. He has us here to make a difference, to change the world for the better, to tell people of His love, how HE can transform lives, break addictions, restore marriages, take care of unplanned pregnancies. What are we doing with this vapor of a life? How have we slipped so far from the moral compass that we are justifying the selling of killed, unborn babies body parts? Read that last sentence again. How? Why? I’m just at a real loss here.

The church is the only entity in mankind that has withstood the test of time for thousands of years. If Jesus doesn’t come back soon, it will be the only entity still standing strong thousands of years from now. The church, the local church, yes YOUR CHURCH that may only have 15 people in it. It’s time for the church to arise and stop treating symptoms and get to the root of the problem; the devalue of life. Why do we think pornography has gotten out of hand? Because we devalued life. Why do we think human trafficking is now a booming business? Because we devalued life. Why do we think murders and suicide rates are at an all time high? Because we devalued life. I could keep going. You get the picture. When we bring value back to life; and we declare everyone worthy of love and life whether they are born or unborn, then we will be getting somewhere. The church is where this starts.

Abortion recovery is the key to ending abortion in our country and around our world. We have millions of wounded mothers and fathers walking around thinking the church, God, will never accept them back after their horrific act. Or even worse, they’re sitting on our church pews every week with this secret believing they can’t tell anyone at their church for fear of judgment. When a mother or father who have chosen abortion come back to the One place they can be restored, God’s Word, then first of all they more than likely never choose abortion again. BOOM! The cycle of death is stopped in that family. Secondly, when a person is let out of a prison like abortion puts you in, they can’t be quiet about it. They become a walking billboard telling others of the greatness of our God. Again, not only has a person become restored to their Creator, but then they become a spokesperson for truth, keeping others from choosing abortion. The more voices we have who know the truth, the sooner this thing is going to end. And don’t tell me this is a pipe dream. Sit in my office with me for just one day and hear the stories, see the tears, watch as marriages are put back together, and families heal all because one mother or father took the necessary steps toward healing after abortion.

So, as Hemingway suggested I have opened a vein here and have bled on the page. I am literally nauseated at some of the things I have written here. But as pastors, as pastor’s wives, as Christ followers, as leaders in our communities, we cannot be silent about this issue. We cannot keep doing what we’ve been doing and think things are going to change. We just can’t.

Please contact our office, share this blog, comment below. You never know who in your circle of influence wants to join us as well, or needs help after abortion. Let us know how we can contact you. I’m not looking to get your money, I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’m trying to get you to join me in ending abortion in your community. Period.

8 thoughts on “The Answer to Ending Abortion

  1. Right on! One of my speakers started her testimony with “I am not the enemy.” How true. She is the victim of our common enemy. She had walked into an a room with pro-life posters on every wall. She felt condemned. I prefer to use the “Mercy of God” as my opening line in a dialogue. Pope Francis has declared a jubilee year of Mercy for 2016. I look forward to promoting this message for everyone through Project Rachel. You are right that healing those hurt by abortion is building our army.
    Pat K

    1. AMEN Pat! We are building this army together and I couldn’t be happier about that. Keep up the great work! And yes you are right, so often our message condemns the very ones we are trying to reach and it has to stop!

  2. Thank you, Sheila for “opening the vein”. In my naivete, I had hopes of seeing this travesty/tragedy trumpeted on the front page of our newspaper. Sadly, this didn’t happen. I find myself wanting to go and shake people to get their attention! The lack of interest amongst so many people towards this is particularly appalling. God help us.

    1. It’s an empathy that has to grieve God Cherilynn. It’s heartbreaking to see we’re more concerned with treatment of animals than we are precious children in many cases. I’m with you, I think it’s time we shook a few people and overturned some tables! 🙂

  3. I just find this so incredibly sad. we have a pastor at church that is really into the pro-life movement and he was at our night of honor. I have forwarded this onto him. I have to tell you after reading your book Is There not a Cause a fire was set in me again to help & to start speaking up more against abortion. So Friday night I gave my testimony at Celebrate Recovery and at the end of it I spoke directly to the men and their involvement and their need for help and forgiveness and healing -.

    1. Good for you Karen! I’m so proud of you for doing that! And thanks for forwarding the blog. The more we get our message out the better for all of us. I can’t wait to hug your neck in September!

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