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A method to turn “moments” into life changes!

You’ve paid your $100 registration fee for the 3-day conference, and around $300 for your modest hotel room. You’ve walked all over the conference hall, sitting through seminar after seminar. You’re exhausted, but yet you have one more speaker to squeeze in. Maybe THIS one will show you finally how to put into practice words like “outreach”, “maximize”, and “branding.” You tell yourself, THIS one will be life-changing; THIS one will give me the answers. You exit the hall with no more than you came in with, drive home trying to gain incredible insight from what you heard (if you remember), take one last glance thorough the notes, and then….stuff everything on your top closet shelf. You promise yourself you will study them again….sometime.

We’ve all been there. You know, the conferences you spend so much money on and put so much hope in to enlighten you, but by the time you get home, you’re yawning.
Those actually sound better than the women’s conference I attended over a decade ago: we had to put on the armor of God, visualizing each piece as a different part of our underclothing. First the bra…then the girdle…WHAT????? [insert sound of fingernails down a chalkboard] I shudder at the thought…

A couple of years ago I had the opposite experience. For many months I had heard of a particular conference I had been wanting to attend, and was so excited to finally have the opportunity go when it came to Atlanta. Some “big names” were speaking, and I knew of the reputation behind this conference. It met my expectations, not disappointing me one bit. But you know what I remembered most about it?


Individual moments.

I have to think for several minutes to remember who spoke, but it was the moments I remember most. Moments when brazen, audacious claims were thrown out to the audience. Moments when scripture was revealed in specific clarity, coaxing me to apply it to my life at THAT moment. Moments when over-the-top charity was given to a person in need that defied all odds. It was in those moments that I knew SaveOne could do the same thing!

SaveOne can give the same bold claims, bring the same scriptural clarity to people’s minds, and give of ourselves on a level we never knew we could before. With God going before us, beside us, and behind us, He’s got us! He is bringing those moments to life and making clear the audacious claim of knowing we CAN stop abortion in our communities, in our country, and around our world. This is not a pipe dream, but rather a specific claim that has been revealed in scripture, along with how to make this happen.

These moments we want to share with you! Consider this your personal invitation to the SaveOne Summit 2015. You will walk away encouraged, refreshed, pumped up, and armed with knowledge you did not have before.

We want to honor you, teach you, hang out with you, and pour into your life the best way we know how. We will show you exactly what we do and why we do it.

(And, due to the Planned Parenthood videos, we are realizing many are having the scab ripped off old wounds. We will equip you as to how to deal with this scandal with love, not condemnation; biblical knowledge, not politics.)

September 24-26, 2015 (that’s a Thursday through Saturday)

We are inviting you, your staff, your pastor, and all who want to attend to SAVEONE SUMMIT 2015! We will be right here in Nashville, TN. The cost is $20.15! Casual, laid back, no big speakers, no huge budget. Just me…you…the awesome SaveOne staff, and a room full of like-minded people who want to learn more about how we can end abortion.

You can register by going to

All festivities will be at:
CrossRoads Church
540 Collins Park Dr
Antioch, TN 37013

SPECIAL INVITATION FOR ALL PASTORS: A lunch break in your honor will be held Thursday the 24th from 11:30-1:30, before the Summit starts. The staff of SaveOne will be in attendance to answer questions and serve you.

Please comment below with any questions you have or email us at

We want to see you at the Summit! Come and celebrate your moments with us!