One Way You Can Make a HUGE difference in 2017

What a year…huh? What an incredible, extraordinary, bizarre, yet unbelievable time in which God chose us to live! We saw tables turned, people going crazy, declarations made, and rioters (seemingly) taking over at times. This year has been outrageous–to say the least.

thAt the very epicenter of this fight is one thing…abortion. Sure you can pass it off to the epicenter being foreign relations, or illegal immigrants, or this, or that. But seriously, when we get to the root of the problem in America and around our world, the root is this one subject. Without the protection of life from conception to natural death, our country loses its way. The reason is because LIFE is the most precious gift bestowed on us from our Creator. It’s a gift in which we must fight and protect at all costs, for without it, all other issues and important topics are mute.

When we see killings in the streets or human trafficking on the rise, why are we not surprised? It’s because we have raised a whole generation of people who have seen life be expendable. Something to throw away for the sake of convenience; or because someone has been offended; or because the media has incited people to believe things that aren’t true about another race or group of people.

What is the answer? At SaveOne we believe the answer can be found in the CHURCH. When the Church says, “Hey, LIFE is not a subject that belongs with politics anymore. We’re going to take it back from politics and promote LIFE in everything we do!” Only then we will see the political landscape shift with politics following the Church instead of the other way around.

Through abortion recovery this process happens every day. We are seeing people who once chose abortion never choose abortion again. (multiple abortions are very common). And we are seeing churches start to stand up against the sin of abortion because now they have a tool, SaveOne, to offer those who have made this choice. Men, women, family members, and loves ones are being set free from the bondage abortion brings and are becoming a resounding voice in this debate! Their stories are powerful because no one can argue with personal experience.


So why this heavy newsletter at Christmas time? I want to fire you up and ignite a passion inside you, our SaveOne friends, to start a chapter of SaveOne at your church next year. Make next year be the year that you are unleashing your passion to see abortion end in your community. It’s easier than you think, and truly is an affordable resource any church of any size can have as its own.

Together we can see abortion come to an end. I have proclaimed for the last 16 years that I believe it will happen in my lifetime. What a legacy to hand down to our children and grandchildren!


You guys are heroes to us. Your prayers, your financial gifts, your encouraging cards, emails, and social media posts fan the flames for us. Thank you so much. I do not use the title hero lightly. Heroes are precious. And we see you as one of them. If you have taken time to read this blog, then you are that person to us. Thank you for being interested in our message. Thank you for taking your time to be informed of SaveOne’s news. Thank you for being a part of this incredible movement, for without you, none of this is possible, and I mean that.

We are so proud that 2016 brought forth over 30 new chapters of SaveOne…places from Hungary to Oklahoma; from Arkansas to Switzerland. This is because of YOU and how you supported us. People are being healed through the power of Jesus Christ and abortion is ending for them and those around them.

love-life-finalOne huge way you can help SaveOne is through shopping through our resources for Christmas gifts. The sales of our books, t-shirts, and bracelets help us reach more people. Would you consider buying t-shirts, bracelets, and books for your friends and loved ones this year? We sure would appreciate it!

You’ll hear from me again in January when we’re ready to tackle 2017!


My prayer is that every one of you will start today to devise a plan to talk to your pastor or start a chapter of SaveOne in 2017.

The fact that you took the time to read my blog truly means the world to me. Please reply and let me know you were here. I LOVE REPLIES AND COMMENTS!