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The #1 Thing You Need Right Now

I hope you are doing well and the first month of this year has been tremendous for you. Our prayer here at SaveOne is that you are plotting and planning your next SaveOne class. If you are struggling with attendance, or needing an extra boost of encouragement then contact your chapter coordinator. We are here to help you every step of the way. We are with you 100%! So don’t sit and struggle. Life is too short and you have too many tools and tips at your fingertips with SaveOne to struggle in any way. If you do not know who your chapter coordinator is, then contact our office at and we will put you in touch.

By now you are have probably been able to watch the video we sent to you on January 15. If you did not receive it let us know and we will send to you. If you take the message of Sabbath rest to heart your life will be changed. This one day per week is designed just for YOU! You are called to great and mighty things. Working from a place of only resting the 6-8 hours you sleep is not cool. Lack of rest will one day catch up with you and consequences will ensue. Don’t do it! Plan your rest every single week and hold it, keep it, guard it, with all your might just like you would any other important appointment or commandment.

One of the things I wanted to do in this letter is tell you about some great books on Sabbath rest I have read. I looked through my library for a really really long time and I can’t find any I want to recommend. So I need YOU to recommend to ME some books on Sabbath rest. Do you guys know of any? Email me back, or post on the SaveOne facebook page. If you are recommending to me, then others need to know about it as well! I want to hear from you okay?

In other news, I just returned from a wonderful trip to North Carolina where I hung out with the great ladies from Lifeline Pregnancy Center in Elkin, NC directed by Sharon Kelly. I trained them, and 2 more ladies from Allegheny PRC in NC. My friend Felicia Lee drove over for the training as well! I was so happy to have such a great crowd spend their Saturday learning about abortion recovery.

After the training my Aunt, who was a great travel partner, and I drove over to Hendersonville, NC where they asked me to speak at the “Lights for Life” event commemorating the legalization of abortion. Another incredible pregnancy center put it on, Open Arms PRC with Joyce Wright at the helm. A pleasant surprise walked through the door right before the event started when I looked up and saw our own Rachel Joseph enter with two friends! If you are in the North Carolina/South Carolina and surrounding states area then you know how awesome Rachel is as a SaveOne chapter coordinator.

I wish every one of you guys could travel with me to these awesome places and meet these incredible servants who are like-minded. The two ladies leading these centers are true examples of God’s grace flowing through them to lead the charge in their communities. I want everyone to know them! 🙂

Please let us know what is going on with you okay? We like hearing from our chapter leaders. Be sure to keep your page updated on the SaveOne site. That lets others know you are busy and when you are offering classes.

If you haven’t already, please like the SaveOne facebook page and share it often. It helps you with advertising and helps us get our message out to the masses!

Love you guys all the way to the moon and back! Thank you for all you do!

Sheila and the entire staff of SaveOne



How to Save Others from Hijack

166399_493251558107_3034977_n-1Every passing year, the urgency of our message and call becomes more apparent. With the two sides of the abortion issue, the wrongs and rights of it, the confusion originates. Since the beginning of SaveOne we have had a consistent message of taking back the conversation about LIFE from politics and placing it in the Church. We believe the hijack from the pro-aborts over the abortion issue was created by design. That design lends itself to knowing many things move slowly and very hard through the political system. Plus, there is far less power there than in the hands of a mighty God steering, and the Church at the helm.

It brings to mind the scripture from God’s Word found in 1 Samuel 17:16 NLT that says, “For forty days, every morning and evening, the Philistine champion strutted in front of the Israelite army.”

How long has Planned Parenthood been strutting around with their millions of our taxpayer dollars killing the unborn, and devastating the lives of mothers, fathers, and families? It’s been much longer than forty days for sure!

You may be asking, “How did this issue become political? Who took the issue from the Church and placed it in the politician’s hands?” The answer is, the pro-abortion fighters of this battle. They turned the value of life into a political topic. Don’t be blind, but be on your guard. Satan prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour. He knows who and what he’s up against. He can’t fight hand-to-hand combat because we will win every time. Instead, he creeps in when we’re not paying attention and he takes control away from us. He ensures we’re consumed with other “projects” so we forget to be activists for issues close to God’s heart.

For many politicians, standing on blood money has been their ticket to being re-elected. They tout themselves as women’s rights advocates and repeat the same venomous lies we’ve been hearing since 1973. Unfortunately, the public’s minds are still being poisoned, and sadly in many cases the Church is too.

Abortion is an ugly business. It’s a gruesome, bone-chilling procedure steadily occurring in our world today. So it’s no surprise the Church has tried to keep her hands clean by sidestepping this issue and handing it off to the political world to debate. It’s just easier that way.

To change laws, we must change minds first. We have to get the Church on the right page. It can’t be satisfactory to vote for a pro-life candidate and then decide to vote for someone else who claims he or she is going to lower gas prices, not even knowing their stance on abortion. We must educate the Church first and foremost the importance of this issue. This task starts with you and your church.

Courageously make a stand and let people know your church values life and will no longer tolerate what’s going on. Sure, people might leave your church and you will certainly offend some. But likely, most will appreciate your spiritual leadership. If people leave out of offense, they would have left you eventually during a hard time, so you really haven’t lost anything. But, who are we fearing? The Lord? Or man? We have an audience of One.

I have said many times, “Silence equals compliance.” Don’t let your silence in the church be mistaken for compliance with abortion.

Isaiah 1:15 is a verse that should terrify all of us. “When you lift up your hands in prayer, I will not look. Though you offer many prayers, I will not listen, for your hands are covered with the blood of innocent victims.”

I pray that is not how God looks at America or any other country!

The Church holds the power to take this issue from the political arena, but we must wield th-5that power before anything will happen. It will take brave pastors and courageous church leaders to step into an arena where battles for life take place every single moment. That’s when the wind will be at your back and you will join the ranks of those like David who handily took care of the Philistine champion and his strutting.

Call SaveOne today, email us, or contact us through social media. We can give you the tools to confront the abortion issue through love and acceptance, not judgment and politics.

Blessings to you, and may this year be the year you see abortion end in your community through your efforts.