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Sheila Harper is the Founder and President of SaveOne, an international outreach ministry for men and women suffering in silence after an abortion. She is currently studying for her master’s degree in life issues counseling and is the author of six books,  “SaveOne-A Guide to Emotional Healing after Abortion” which has been translated and distributed in ten languages. “SaveOne-The Men’s Study”, currently offered in German as well,  “May I Have This Dance? A Journal through Pregnancy”, “Survivor” which is her personal story of abortion, and “Is There Not a Cause?- Your Battle Cry for Life”  and her latest book, “SaveOne-The Ripple Effect” for those affected by a friend or loved ones abortion.

SaveOne currently has 130 chapters in America, and 32 international chapters in 14 countries. Sheila has traveled all over the world speaking on the topic of abortion recovery as well as training abortion recovery leaders and facilitators.

After enduring seven years of personal anguish over choosing abortion, she found restoration and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Sheila now lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, Jack Harper who pastors CrossRoads Church in Antioch, TN, and two sons. You can order the books, or find a chapter near you at www.saveone.org

Now, what you just read is my personal, polished bio. You know, the one I send out to people to assure them I know what I’m talking about. But the truth is, I don’t really like writing about myself and trying to say I’m awesome without really saying I’m awesome. But honestly, what God has done in my life is pretty awesome and I can’t be quiet about it. I’ve been forgiven  of much, so therefore I like leading people to this same forgiveness and freedom. If the Truth really sets you free, then lies are what keep us in bondage.

One avenue I use to lead people to this truth is the non-profit organization I started back in 2000 called SaveOne. (www.saveone.org) After an abortion I chose in 1985, my life got really wacko. Drugs, alcohol, shopping, men, credit cards maxed out, you get the picture. Just a mess. After an attempted suicide and many months of trying to die, I found my way back to Jesus and nothing has been the same since. Through SaveOne we are helping people all over the world (14 different countries to be exact) find freedom from the aftermath of abortion.

This Truth is my passion and purpose. Please feel free to read the blog posts, but also take time to check out the SaveOne website for more information on how you can find freedom after abortion.

“SaveOne has had an immeasurable impact upon our cities of Shreveport and Bossier. The silent holocaust of abortion has an adversary in this anointed ministry. In my opinion there is no more powerful voice for the unborn.”                                                                                                  Pastor Denny Duron, Lead Pastor Community Church Shreveport, LA

“The National Women’s Ministries Department of the Assemblies of God is honored to promote SaveOne—a ministry offering hope for men and women who have had an abortion. SaveOne exists to help these individuals experience the life-changing journey of God’s grace. Sheila Harper, Founder and President, chose abortion in 1985 for her first child and lived with anguish for seven years following that choice. From her personal experience of healing, she developed Bible-based curriculum to help others find the hope and restoration she has found. Please visit their website at www.saveone.org, to find out more about their ministry, to start a SaveOne chapter in your area, or to make a donation.”       Rev. Kerry Clarensau, Director, National Women’s Department Assemblies of God

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  1. Hello sheila Harper, my name is Sheila Harper also just setting at my computer and decided to type my name in and you through God’s intervention i click on you your message it is so power and honesty that young woman can started healing form shame and guilt. I never comment on people page,so be blessed and encourage to do the work of GOD because he is calling for real people to tell the true even when it is not popular and love that surpasses all of our understanding.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words! I have done the exact same thing, typed my name in to see what came up and checked out all the other women with my name! ha God bless you and keep you and thanks again for writing to me.

    1. YES it’s the Sheila you know! Thanks for your kind words. They mean the world to me. I still think of you with great fondness and gratefulness for all the time you took with me. I was so messed up; a kid having a kid. You never made me feel lesser than or looked down on. Thank you for that Anne. You made me believe I could be a mom and a good one too! You have made a profound impact in our world! Love you to the moon!

  2. hallo Sheila, schön, dass du so aktiv im internet präsent bist. Ich danke Gott für dich und bete, dass ER deinen Radius kontinuierlich erweitert 🙂 – Sei mächtig gesegnet – Erika

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