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Finding your Elaine

When I get bad news I usually let my emotions out and then I go straight to my journal. Writing is my outlet when I’m in shock and in pain and this is one of those times.

We got a call last Thursday that my friend Elaine had been given a really crappy prognosis. 4-6 weeks they told her. I was in Dallas but immediately knew as soon as the plane landed back in Nashville I wanted to lay my eyes on her. When I did, all I could do was cry. She ended up consoling ME instead of me going in being the comforting pastor’s wife I had planned on being.

I started making plans to visit every day with her, and my heart soared when the family allowed us to keep seeing her. We felt extremely honored and was so thankful for their generosity. I had it all pictured. I was going to show up everyday, laptop in hand, and write a letter in her own words to her husband Mike, each of her three daughters, and each of her grandkids. I wanted them all to hear her wisdom which was great, and her love for them which was vast.

I know about this wisdom and unending love for her family because I made a decision a couple of years ago that afforded me precious time with Elaine. This decision stemmed from being at churches and working in offices and being told no to things I wanted to do because, “If we do it for one, then we have to do it for all.” We’ve all heard that saying and many of us have lived our lives thinking it was true. But when my friend Elaine was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago, I wanted to help her any way that I could. I found out she was sitting, sometimes for 4-5 hours, in her chemo appointments. I wanted to go to those with her, but I thought as a pastor’s wife if I spend that kind of time with her then others will expect me to do that for them and it could cause conflict. In other words, what I did for one I would have to do for all, and I couldn’t do that. As I was thinking through that saying I felt yucky and knew that idea was flawed. The thought came to my mind of a quote I heard years before from Andy Stanley which went,

“What I want to do for everybody, do for one.”

BOOM! That revelation made so much more sense, and totally obliterated the excuse for non-action I had been taught before. So I set out to do just that. I did for Elaine what I wanted to do for everybody. I started going to as many of those appointments as I could. And if you know me, you know I work constantly because I love my jobs. My mind rarely slows, and my phone is constantly buzzing. Those appointments became a treasured time. My phone would be put away for hours and my focus was totally on my friend Elaine. She would take me around and introduce me to people as though she was proud of me being her friend. She would send me over to other chairs of people she knew were “really suffering” and ask me to pray for them. If someone came in that looked particularly sickly I could always tell when she felt pity for them. But the minute I would try to pity her and what she was going through she would cut me off immediately. There was no time for pity in Elaine’s world. Life was too short and she was “just fine”. I can still hear her voice saying, “Just fine!”

We spent those hours talking about everything from our love of 70’s rock, to her level of Candy Crush she was on. I heard about her touring all over the world with a singing group she was in earlier, and we would end up on deep theological debates. I would usually have to act out some crazy event that had just happened to me, and more than once we got in trouble from the nurses for being too loud. We laughed a lot together.

These appointments quickly turned into not me helping her, but her helping me through the problem of the day, her helping me slow down long enough to just enjoy a few hours of talking face to face with a friend, her listening to me ramble on and on about my life, my family, my work, my travels. Elaine had that effect on people. Even though there wasn’t that much difference in our ages (she called me a young pup! haha) she just had that calming quality that seemed older, wiser, more graceful, and far more in control of things than I have ever been. I was drawn to that demeanor, that friendship, that sisterhood.

Elaine was a trusted, loyal, friend that is walking with Jesus and has been for 3 days now. I keep hearing her voice in my head remembering things she told me that actually was helping me prepare for this day, this time, of not having her anymore. Things like, “Remember now, I want a celebration when its my time. I’m going HOME!”

So yeah…I thought I had a lot more time with her and would get to live out my plan…but God knew better. I will forever be grateful I spent this time with her instead of succumbing to the old adage. My advice to you reading this blog is not to ever rob yourself because you believe what you do for one you might have to do for all. Maybe your actions won’t be fair to everyone, but life isn’t fair. Take the time to do for ONE what you want to do for ALL and you just may find your own Elaine.

I am a better person for having known her.

(The featured image on this blog is a picture of Elaine I took in January of this year. This moment was in the middle of a women’s conference I was hosting and I was sitting at the head table with all the speakers, worship leader, etc. This table was reserved for the people who were “important” to have easy access to the stage. I couldn’t think of anyone more important than her right then so I asked her to sit with me at that table. She just giggled and said, “ok!” and enjoyed her bird’s eye view. I was overwhelmed with how much I enjoyed her friendship and getting to see the conference unfold through her eyes, so I snapped this picture.)

Need comfort? I got your comfort

Have you ever helped someone with a problem, then realized the aid you gave was from a place of learning in a dark stormy part of your life? Or what about the times we seek help for our own problem from someone we know has walked this path before us? Either way, we gave or received comfort.

It’s such a satisfying moment when we understand a difficulty we faced, and what we learned in that difficulty we could later transfer to someone else. I have to be honest that’s a pretty good feeling. It makes you think about your problem differently, like you didn’t go through it just for yourself. Maybe you had to travel that path to help the person sitting right beside you. When you’re able to give the help needed, you feel somewhat like the person out front hacking down the weeds first so everyone behind you will know the way.

I have been the one to benefit from such help on more than one occasion. But the time this kind of help changed my life so drastically was a deep, dark, secretive, and emotional time for me. I had lived seven years with the secret of my abortion. I was now married and had two children. My family was taken on my emotional roller-coaster daily. I heard a local group was offering help for those who had chosen abortion. I knew I needed the benefit of their wisdom, so I struck out on this path, taking a chance these people I did not know, had forged a path I could walk on.

Many of you who know me, know this was the start of a lifelong journey I would walk helping others along the way. On this path hundreds have struck out on their own forging new paths, helping men and women who have chosen abortion. It has been a beautiful thing to watch those who needed help and comfort, receive help and comfort, then turn around and offer that same help and comfort to others.

At the end of 2014 I was sitting in a church service when my pastor (also my husband) read a scripture. I’m sure I had read it before but this time it was a beacon of light for me. 2 Corinthians 1:4 which says, “He comforts us in all our troubles so we can comfort others. When they are troubled we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” I knew…THAT’S IT! That describes perfectly what we do at SaveOne.

Our chapter leaders and staff members have allowed God to heal and comfort those places that were most hurt after abortion. They in turn took that knowledge they learned from this process and are now helping others who are troubled and in need of comfort. It’s a beautiful progression as we walk forward on this path God has laid out for us. I loved this verse so much I made it our theme verse for 2015! I want everyone reminded of why SaveOne exists and what we do.

Can you take time to comment on this blog and tell us how God used you to comfort others, or how comfort was given to you? Maybe you know someone who has had an abortion and needs comfort. Share this blog with them, point them to SaveOne, and let’s reach more people than we ever have in 2015! Let’s show how these words can come to life in our friends and families’ circumstance!

The picture attached to this post is a great example of how comfort flows from Jesus through individuals and out to others. The ladies in this picture are just one of many examples of why SaveOne is successful. It’s because they have enacted 2 Corinthians 1:4.


It is this week between Christmas and New Years that I find very stressful. I don’t mean to be negative, but I’m just telling you it is stressful to me. I wonder how many of you feel the same way?

Christmas is behind you; you ate too much, spent too much, but had an awesome time with family. You have great expectations for the new year, but wait! The new year isn’t here yet. So you linger through each day, slowly taking down decorations, mulling over all the things you’re going to change in 2015, but you can’t get started on any of it yet because…well…it’s still 2014. Does anyone else have these thoughts? I feel like I’m waiting at the starting gate and no one will open the gate!

I’m writing this letter to you a few days before you’re actually going to receive it in your inbox, so rest assured by the time you are reading this someone opened the gate and I’m off and running!

One of the things I am excited about for the new year is our theme. Never in the history of SaveOne have we had a themed year. You will be hearing about this in every newsletter, in our posts on facebook and twitter, and from your coordinator. Our theme is a scripture I repeatedly keep hearing. (My husband says that is God speaking in surround sound). It’s 2 Corinthians 1:4 and it goes like this…

“He comforts us in all our troubles so we can comfort others. When
they are troubled we will be able to give them the same comfort
God has given us.”

That screams of Chapter 10 in the SaveOne book. It’s what we’re all about. God has comforted us in our affliction after abortion and we can take that same comfort and comfort others in that same affliction.

The only way we are going to end abortion in our country and around our world is by enacting this scripture right here. It’s simply taking what God has done for us and sharing it with others.

Don’t let chapter 10 be the end for your SaveOne class members. Have them read this scripture and then go out and enact it. Let this scripture action be the last homework they complete. Find the person they know that needs the same comfort God has given them and then give it. Lead them to the next SaveOne class and introduce them to a loving, forgiving, merciful Father who has all the comfort we need.

Please let us know how we can help you. Log on and update your web page within the SaveOne website, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, if you live in or around the Nashville area please sign up for Kroger rewards and name SaveOne as your sponsored charity, then we make a percentage of everything you spend at Kroger!

We have much travel coming up that will take us around the world and we need to raise some serious money for that. God has given us this opportunity that is bigger than any we have ever received to take HIS message to the ends of the earth. Please consider becoming a monthly partner with SaveOne for $25. You will receive our new t-shirt and will be appreciated more than you could ever know.

I love each and every one of you to pieces!


Deception vs Faith

The art of deception is this…to make someone believe things are other than they are, so a person will do something he or she would never otherwise do. I read this sentence from an incredible book entitled, “The Enemy Within” by Kurt Lungaard. The chapter discussed how our sin nature can deceive us sometimes by making us believe things that are not true. When I read the above definition the words jumped off the page and hit me square between the eyes.

If we look at this definition from the viewpoint of deception it makes sense. But now reread the words above with the viewpoint of faith. The two could share the same definition.

The enemy rarely tempts us with the exact opposite of God’s Word. No. He brings us similarities…with a twist. Those similarities can deceive us into thinking things are other than they are so we do things we would never otherwise do.

Faith is the same. There are all kinds of examples in the Bible I could insert here, but let me tell you about a few of my friends. Shana was diagnosed with one of the top five worst cases of meningitis the doctor had ever seen. I know this because I was standing in the room when he told me and her husband, Larry. I saw this husband fall to the floor on his knees immediately and pray healing like I’ve never heard before. Larry knew at that moment things were other than they were and was doing something he would never otherwise do. I can guarantee you Larry didn’t know he had that amount of faith in him until faced with this life or death situation. He was not deceived into thinking she was defeated and sickness had won. He KNEW Jesus stripes had already taken care of his wife’s healing so he was activating a faith he didn’t know existed. He was able to do that because he had cultivated that faith long before the negative circumstance came. Within two weeks Shana was home; healed and healthy.

We could also talk about my friend YvRose who was a successful teacher in North Carolina. That is until God called her to go back to her homeland of Haiti. So she and her husband, with nothing but a call from God, quit her job and moved back to Haiti. She knew there was purpose in this decision. I’m sure leaving the confines of a good salary, an honorable job, and an easy country, to go to a place many are too frightened to even visit, did not make sense to her family and friends. But she knew the voice of faith over deception. She believed things were other than they were and the faith in that knowing made her do something she would never otherwise do. Today she and her husband Pierre run a home with 28 of the most beautiful kids you have ever seen. She also runs a school with more than 200 children who come every day for a Christian education they would have never received had Pierre and YvRose believed deception over faith. (insert big cheesy smile here!)

How about my friend Tracy, (name used with permission) who had an abortion more than two decades ago. Through the years she allowed the abortion regret and pain to make her believe things were other than they were. After living with this deception she found herself in her 40’s with a shell of a marriage, battling depression, having suicidal thoughts, and many problems in her family. She contacted SaveOne and came clean about the past. She wanted to voice her regret and seek a better future. She worked through the SaveOne study and began to see the reality of what happened to her when she opened the door of death in her life through abortion. She had been greatly deceived, but now realized the truth of the past. She began to believe things were other than they were. She began to believe God could salvage her marriage. She began to believe God could heal the relationships with her family. She began to believe she could be brave enough to tell others about her past so they would never make the same mistake. And after years of believing nothing but rejection would come her way if she ever told of her abortion, she began to believe things were other than they were, and it made her do something she would never otherwise do. Not only has God restored her marriage to better-than-it-has-ever-been status, but she told her family of the abortion and the truth healed the relationships. To top it off, I sat in a living room the other night and watched her tell her entire abortion story to a room packed with her closest friends.

You see, faith brings about much greater outcomes than deception. Where we come in, is the moment when we have to decide if we have deception or faith talking to us, and in which we are going to listen and put our trust.

That’s what David had to do long ago. He had to face the giant believing the situation was something other than it was, and by doing this he performed an act he would never otherwise do. There was no way he should have won that battle. But his faith told him something entirely different. Because of his great faith in the Lord he experienced great victory…and because of your great faith in the Lord you can experience great victory.

Faith for some reason is controversial. People want to make it something it’s not. I’ve been criticized for believing this way by people who want to shout that I’m preaching a prosperity gospel, or that I’m believing in some kind of humanistic, new age religion. But there are many, many scriptures, as well as examples from Jesus which teach us that what we believe we will receive. If we believe deception then we will receive the death and destruction that comes along with that type of deception. If we believe in faith that God has our back, has our life under control, will guide us in all things, will make every problem work for our good, and has already taken care of our healing, then our problems have purpose, and we will receive the victory in every circumstance. If you don’t believe me then read these; Mark 11:24, Matthew 8:13, Romans 8:28, 1 Samuel 17, Hebrews 11:1, actually, read the entire chapter of Hebrews 11 because it shows a list of brave men and women who believed something was other than it was and completed incredible feats they would have never otherwise completed.

Take some time today to do a self-check. Are you cultivating your faith? Are you ready for when, not if, destruction hits your life? Are you equipping yourself and your family to stand in the face of deception and act in faith? Be honest with yourself and then take the necessary steps to start on the path of cultivating that faith today. This process is imperative to being able to distinguish between the two.

Don’t get caught in a battle you are not equipped to fight!

Facts lie

I was speaking at a local church one Sunday morning, so I asked my assistant
Sarah sarah-vaughn to meet me and help work the SaveOne table after the services. As I pulled into the parking lot, she yelled at me from down the row of empty handicapped spaces. She had parked at the end of the row in the first regular spot not reserved for the handicapped.

As I stood at the front door and waited on her, she slowly made her way down the long sidewalk. An onslaught of thoughts came to my mind as I watched this beautiful girl walk toward me. Sarah was born 22 years earlier with Cerebral Palsy. When I first met her as a teenager, she was unable to walk unassisted. She had crutches that were never far from her hands. As a baby the doctors labeled her as handicapped. There was no denying the fact Sarah had CP…but handicapped?

Months earlier I had sat in the audience and cheered as I watched her walk across the stage unassisted to receive her college diploma. I knew then the word “handicapped” had never defined Sarah. The long embrace she received from her professor let me know the professor knew, just as the audience did, this girl is not handicapped. I thought about all the excuses I had given myself for not going on to get my Master’s degree. The next week I enrolled and now I am six months in to graduate school. Sarah motivated me to overcome what I believed as fact and realize that fact was lying and keeping me from furthering my much needed education.

Sarah works full-time for Mercy Ministries since she graduated college, she loves the Lord with all her heart, she volunteers her time for SaveOne just because she believes in our cause, she sponsors an orphan in Haiti, she drove herself in her own car that morning refusing to park in the handicapped spaces, and she ran my table like a boss that Sunday. What sets her apart is that she didn’t allow her challenges to define her life. She realized facts lie and this was a fact that was lying.

Watching this young girl has made me question the facts in my own life. Where and what am I accepting as truth just because I was stamped with a label early on. What do I see in others lives that I am accepting as fact in my own? What “facts” have gone unchallenged around me just because science says so, or the status quo has allowed them to remain? We should dig and find these areas in our lives and root them out. These so called “facts” could be exactly what is holding us back from our God-given destiny.

Sarah is actually in the company of some pretty cool people. It was a fact all Hebrew male babies were to be killed, but Moses mother didn’t believe it. It was a fact anyone who approached the King would be put to death, But Esther didn’t believe it. It was a fact Saul imprisoned and killed any Christians he could find, but Ananias didn’t believe it. It was a fact the prodigal was lost to the world, but his dad didn’t believe it. It was a fact David and his army were on their way to destroy Nabal and his land, but Abigail didn’t believe it. It was a fact the army couldn’t defeat Goliath, but David didn’t believe it. It was a fact Lazarus was dead, but Jesus didn’t believe it.

Have I made my point? Start today to challenge these “facts” that hold you back, release your faith in Him and see God open the doors of heaven to your actions and your faith just like He did for Moses, Esther, Ananias, and my dear friend Sarah! These people would not, could not, live in defeat accepting labels and laws as truth. They stepped out in faith and knew the God of heaven’s armies had their back!

Big Shoes to Fill

The text I received went something like this, “Hey I’m cleaning out my mom’s shoe closet and I was wondering if you knew of any ladies who might wear a 9 or 9 ½.” What I heard was, “Is there a lady you know who could possibly have a foot this large?” I contemplated for a moment wondering, “Do I tell her I wear that size? Will she think of me as freakishly huge? I’m 5’10” for heaven’s sake a size 6 would look strange on me. But still it’s never fun to whisper in the middle of Macy’s—could I just try a 10 in this boot? These must run small.” But my mind goes back to the text, there might possibly be really cute shoes at stake here. So I swallow my pride and reply, “YES! I wear that size.”

As I drove to her house later that day, I began to contemplate these shoes. You see, these were not just anybody’s shoes. They belonged to a woman who in 1958 boarded a cargo ship (A CARGO SHIP!!!) with her husband, said good-bye to her family, her home, and her life, and devoted the next forty years to loving, reaching, teaching, and mentoring the wonderful people of Africa. She sometimes lived in conditions too painful for us to imagine. She was pressured to put her children in boarding school hundreds of miles away. She lived a selfless life, totally and completely counter-cultural to what women are taught today. She did it all because God asked her to and she was obedient. She chose things like staying in her marriage and not ever considering divorce an option even when things got hard, and all marriages at one time or another get hard. She chose things like sacrificial service instead of promoting herself. Today she is reaping the benefits of her Godly choices.

At 87 years old, her body is reacting naturally to nearly nine decades on this earth, but her mind is intact, her marriage is happy and intact, she has a beautiful home, two children who adore her, love her, and both serve the Lord, and an army of people who seek her out for wisdom, great stories, and genuine love. Her obedience, although hard at times, has brought great blessing into her life. Her selfless love has transformed countless individuals and families not only here in America, but in Africa too through a ripple effect still going on as I write.

As I had these thoughts on the way to my friend’s house, I was getting the privilege of filling these very large shoes both figuratively and literally! To be honest I didn’t have my hopes up really high that I would walk away with any chic or trendy styles. But when I saw the Steve Madden and Sam & Libby labels I knew I had hit the jackpot, so I took four pair of the coolest shoes from this 87-year-old shoe connoisseur.

When I got home I pulled the shoes out and have them sitting in my closet. I have yet to put them on, as I feel a certain gravity about them. Call me dramatic or say I’m over-thinking but when I look at these shoes I can’t help but hope that I too can live selflessly. I pray that I may walk out my days in service to others, that I may see my boys love and serve the Lord deep into an old age. That my marriage will remain blessed and intact because of Godly choices I make, and that I may never hesitate to be obedient even when obedience is hard. This is a prayer I pray for all of us. May we strive to fill the shoes of the giants of faith who have walked before us and may we forever endeavor to fill the shoes of greatness like my 87-yr-old shoe fashionista friend, Dot Webb.

You can get the full story of Dot’s memoirs by going to and typing in, “A Harvest of Joy” authored by her daughter, Tammy Webb-Witholt. You will be glad you got this book and learned from this incredible woman!


As we move toward the fall, I know many of our chapters (churches and pregnancy centers) will be starting new SaveOne classes. This thrills us and we are so thankful for your continued participation in abortion recovery. We know this is the greatest way to save babies, transform lives, restore marriages, break the bondage of substance abuse, end pornography addictions, and deal with anger issues. Furthermore, the lives that were wrecked by the sin of abortion are put on the path back to Jesus. Holding a SaveOne class, even after 14 years, never gets old. Seeing these transformations take place right before my eyes is nothing less than a miracle. So thank you for those who are starting their fall classes!

If you are reading this and you have had an abortion or know someone who has (man or woman), and you have never been through a SaveOne class, I urge you to not postpone this commitment. Join a local chapter today! If there is not one near you, we can hook you up with a SaveOne staff member who can travel this journey with you online. Don’t wait¬−I promise facing this is worth the tears and hard spots you will go through.

Also, have you checked out our store recently? Go to and click on “store”. Our books are available there, PLUS we have a few additions that we are most proud of. The first one is my latest book entitled, “Is There Not a Cause?” You will want to read one, and also get a copy for your pastor. The second one is our new custom SaveOne bracelets. If you have lost a child to abortion or miscarriage, these bracelets are a beautiful reminder of your child(ren) in heaven. You can get pink or blue beads for the gender of your child. Mine means a lot to me as I wear it, for I remember my daughter, Megan. Plus, when you purchase our products, you help us reach more people! Thank you in advance.

Please say hello to our newest chapters…

*Pulaski, TN

*Pulaski, TN (yes we have 2 new chapters in this town!)

*Kircham, Austria

*Ashland City, TN

*Murfreesboro, TN

*Davenport, IA

*Berkeley, CA

*White Pigeon, MI

We are thrilled when a church or pregnancy center comes alongside us and locks arms in this battle against abortion that we face. We love seeing churches become a healing place for those in their community (1 out of every 3 women and 1 out of every 3 men) who have suffered the aftermath of abortion.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or comments. We like hearing from you. And please feel free to share these blog posts and sign up to follow this blog. You help us greatly by being interested in what we’re doing!


Welcome to the Big Time!

I received the following letter from our SaveOne Europe Director, Sonja Horswell from a girl she took through the SaveOne course. It was too great not to share. When God shows up BIG TIME in your life, it’s very difficult to stay quiet about it. This young lady shared her story and I want to scream it out to the entire world. THIS is the truth of what abortion does to a person. THIS is the truth of God’s Word applied to that gaping wound of regret, shame, humiliation, guilt, and remorse abortion leaves one with!

The Big Time is where the hardest work, the greatest realizations, and the most wonderful love encompasses us in our most vulnerable moments. Please read the words below and know that you too can be free from the bondage of abortion.

I would have never imagined, dreamt or wished.

Paralyzed by desperation and shame, the emptiness was so excavating and present, the pain so indescribably crushing, the fear so breath-taking. Fear of every second and minute of the present, of every hour and every day of the future. The abortion tore something apart in me which I did not realize immediately. Staggering in shock, for a time of my life functioning outwardly. But it was there, this invisible wall between me and reality. The sense of me and my body was gone, giving way to a deep inner emptiness.

In the (SaveOne) course, we carefully removed the wall brick by brick. In an environment where I had room with all my thoughts and feelings which were heard but never judged or evaluated. It was so freeing to finally put into words the disappointments, self-reproaches, and hurts that had walled me in. Everything was allowed to be and be said. Continually, in a speed that was adjusted to me, until I came to the surface. And now I can look closely, accept the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. More than words can say has happened inside of me in the weeks and months of the course. But this one thing is the greatest miracle: I smile again. And for the first time in years it comes from the inside, from the heart. (because I know and sense in my heart that God has forgiven me and therefore I also can forgive myself.)

Everyone senses pain in a different way and deals differently with grief. But no one desires to have an abortion one day, to give up one’s own child. The emotional consequences are crushing, barely endurable. Therefore I ask you, almost beg you: do not let this time of your life be taken away from you, dare to take a look at it, to give yourself space, for the tumbling of the walls, the letting go of the reproaches is worth the labor. Every day can be worth living it again. I know it takes courage but trust that you will not have to walk it alone, not one step of it.

When we take the time to draw near to God, He draws near to us BIG TIME and mighty change occurs. Come and enjoy life again in the BIG TIME. We can show you how!

Lots of great stuff going on!

I wish so desperately each and every one of you could come and sit in our SaveOne office and read some of the emails we receive….

“I believed the abortion had to consume my life, that I had to feel guilty and forever punish myself for this sin and it’s just not true. I can live a life to be proud of, going forward as a good daughter to my mom, and a loving wife to my husband.”

“I can’t believe I used to think that God would not forgive me and that I could never talk about my abortion. But He has forgiven me and He wants me to talk about my abortion with others so that they can get the same help I did. And receive the same love and forgiveness I did from my heavenly father.”

“I don’t have a lot of anger anymore. I feel like when I exposed this, I have just become a new person. I think your secrets make you sick and angry!”

These are just recent ones. We have year’s worth of dialogue with courageous men and women who have found healing through Jesus Christ using the SaveOne study. It’s so phenomenal to be a part of what God is doing here. I’m amazed every day when I see the powerful hand of our sovereign God move. Thank you for making this possible through your financial gifts, prayers, love, and support. There are men and women eternally grateful for your sacrifice because they were one reached and restored.


            We just returned from a glorious trip to Hamburg, Germany. We trained new leaders, encouraged current leaders, and educated pastors on the horrors of abortion in the lives of men and women. I am believing there will be much accomplished as chapters start in Germany.


Before going to Europe, our team had speaking opportunities in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, Oregon, and Slovenia. We are working hard to make sure our message of forgiveness, grace, and restoration after abortion is being spoken loudly and clearly, overcoming the evil one through the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies. (Revelation 12:11)


            SaveOne has upcoming speaking engagements in Tennessee, Arkansas, Switzerland, Austria, and many places in between. Please be in prayer for our team to go boldly forward as we continue to start chapters in churches all over the world.

We would like to welcome these new chapters to the SaveOne family!

Terre Haute, IN

Cape Coral, FL

Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

            I hope by now you have heard of my latest book, “Is There Not a Cause?”  I’m very proud of it, as it is a culmination of many years of observation on how the local church can have a profound impact on the ending of abortion. You can order your copy today at


  • Donating financially to be able to reach more people (looking for 200 people to sponsor us monthly at $25 per month)
  • Like our SaveOne facebook page
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  • Do all your online shopping on Goodshop (a division of Goodsearch; be sure to name SaveOne as your charity of choice first)
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  • Follow and promote my blog: (I know it sounds self-serving, but the more followers, the more our message gets out)
  • Deep, anointed, spiritual prayer to fight the incredible warfare that comes against our staff and chapter leaders

Thank you guys for all you do!

Sheila Harper and the entire SaveOne staff (check them out at and click on “About Us”. THEY ROCK!)




Every month I send out a newsletter to our SaveOne chapter leaders to just encourage them, give them the latest news, that sort of thing. It helps us stay connected and keeps us focused on what’s really important.

Our chapter leaders face lots of struggles that many do not realize. Often times they are on an island by themselves at their churches, feeling like they are the only ones who really “get” the importance of abortion recovery and its power to end abortion around our world.

This month we salute you chapter leaders! Always remember you are in our prayers, and the staff stands firmly beside you with locked arms!

May Letter: I can’t tell you how much you mean to me. As I travel around and I get to meet you, spend time with you, speak at your churches, and get to know your families it makes me appreciate all you do so much more. I love seeing your heart for those who are broken and hurting after abortion. Kindred spirits is what I always think of and I thank God for you on a regular basis.

I write to you from just coming off trips to Lewisburg, TN, Jackson, TN, Terre Haute, IN, Dallas, TX, and Three Rivers, MI. I’m loving all that I get to do for you and alongside you. Keep up the great work you’re doing!

I say all of that to encourage those of you who may be feeling discouraged, who may  have not had anyone sign up for your class yet, who may be feeling isolated because you are the only one at your church who “gets” the importance of abortion recovery. I want you to know there is hope and I DON’T want you to give up or lose your passion.

God has a plan (Jeremiah 29:11); He has a purpose (Ephesians 2:10); and He has created this heart in you for such a time as this! (Esther 4:14) So don’t lose heart, keep going and above all else preach the good news of Jesus wherever you go. He is here to save, transform, and restore lives seemingly lost to the despair of abortion.

Please be sure to update your pages within the SaveOne website. If you can’t remember your username and password then please email for that information. If you look like you are busy and your page is up to date, then people will see they can find help through you, right there in your city! Please make yourself at home to the chapter tools as well. There are several new documents that might prove helpful, so please check them out. We’re here to help you every step of the way.