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Meet Vonetta Carter

Do you ever meet those people, and you know immediately, I like this person! That’s how I felt when I met Vonetta. For about two years, we kept meeting people who were mutual friends. They would say to me, ‘You need to meet my friend Vonetta.” I would say every time, “You’re not the first person who has said that to me!”

Finally a mutual friend, Tammy, planned our meeting. After a year of hearing about this woman, I got to experience her for myself. She is truly one of a kind. I listened to her story and her heart that day and we connected on a deeply spiritual level. Although parts of what she has said below are hard to read, I hope you will take a moment to read this interview with my sister and friend.

Vonetta Carter is 2nd in our series, “Truth Tellers SaveOne” Enjoy!

Sheila: Are you a chapter leader with SaveOne? If so, for how long?

Vonetta: Yes, about 6 months.

Sheila: Will you tell us a little about your story? 

Vonetta: At the young age of sixteen I became pregnant. As many regular 16 year old girls, I was very confused and naïve. I was looking for love in all the wrong places and also shocked and surprised by the pregnancy. As time went on, I had no idea what I was going to do. God was no where in my mind even though I know today that he was there all along. Through the entire process, the one thing I did know was that keeping this baby was not an option. Let me continue by saying that as the thoughts raced through my mind,  my stomach was getting bigger and bigger. Several months had gone by and I was now six months pregnant. I heard about a place called Planned Parenthood and I remember going there and having no real questions asked of me. There were no warm fuzzies but rather I was told to fill out a bunch of papers. Interestingly enough, what I was told was that I was so far gone that I would need to have a two day procedure.

The first day they put dilators inside me to induce the labor.  The second day was to remove the baby. I was cold, numb, confused, and had no idea really what was about to happen. The second day I got there at 8:00am and the last thing I remember is that they put me to sleep. God only knows what happened to me after that. I remember waking up feeling empty, but also confused, lost, broken, and shocked. I felt as though when I walked out that day, a piece of me was left at that cold, dead, hopeless place.

At this point I want to break in to Vonetta’s story. I know this is hard to read, especially if you are remembering this day for yourself, or wondering if your mom or sister experienced this same thing. Abortion is a tough subject, but it’s a necessary conversation. When we have this conversation, we stop abortion in it’s tracks. Multiple abortions are very common. If we can reach those who have had a 1st abortion, then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th abortions never take place….

Vonetta: Unfortunately, I repeated the choice of abortion and I still did not have a relationship with God. I chose abortion the second time looking for what I thought was a way out. I finally met Jesus in a glorious way, I wish I had room to tell you the whole story. Today I have the privilege to raise eight children. Some grew in my stomach, and some grew in my heart. God works everything together for His good. I am truly honored and humbled to be the daughter of a King!

Sheila: What is one thing you would like to tell the world about SaveOne?

Vonetta: They are a voice for the people who need encouragement  and they also bring awareness to the world.

Sheila: If people could only hear one “God-truth” about your story what would it be?

Vonetta: Redemption.

Vonetta went on to tell me that if she could leave us with one word it would be redemption. God redeems all things. He may not bring this redemption in the way we may have thought, but He brings it nonetheless.

Vonetta and her husband Veronne, pastor First Wesleyan Church in Nashville, TN. You can check out their church by going to firstwesleyan-nashville.org.

Give Vonetta some love in the comments below. Telling your story to the world takes great courage! So proud of both of our Truth Tellers so far in 2018!


Meet Shannon Gomez

I met Shannon when I flew to Oklahoma City to teach a training for several new SaveOne chapters. While she sat in this training and heard me talking about the symptoms of abortion trauma, she started realizing I was describing her! Right there on the spot, to a room of about 40 people, she confessed her abortion. The light bulb had gone off in her head as to why she struggled in different areas of her life. She happened to be at this training with her pastor’s wife, also named Shannon, and in true, loving fashion she (her pastor’s wife) immediately offered to travel with her friend down the road to recovery. For the next several weeks, Shannon and Shannon worked through the SaveOne study. The beautiful face you see at the top of this post, embodies someone who is healed, forgiven, and walking in liberty, ready to help others find their way out of the same bondage. Shannon has now been a SaveOne chapter leader for two years.

What Shannon said about SaveOne, “This book is a wonderful tool to walk through the healing process after an abortion. It is simple, yet so full of love and scripture that the participant will find ease in searching the dark places and letting God shine through.”

We are starting a monthly series at SaveOne entitled, “Truth Tellers SaveOne”. Shannon answered the call of telling others the truth of what abortion does to a person. I interviewed Shannon and I think what she has to say below will help men and women in all walks of life. Enjoy!

Sheila: Can you tell us a little about your abortion story?

Shannon: As a freshman in college, I had an abortion. It’s hard for me to say “I made the decision to have an abortion” because I don’t even think I really thought about it. I simply knew it had to be done. I didn’t give my high school sweetheart a choice, we barely discussed it. I just made a plan of action and he drove me. The most accurate way I can describe anything I was feeling during this time was nothing- nothing at all. NUMB. Just numb.

 For 21 years, I lived in a prison of guilt and shame. I could count on one hand the number of people who I told my secret in that time. Regardless of any disappointments or failures I felt in my life, there was also the weight of “because I’m the kind of woman who had an abortion” added to it. This was an intimate, destructive and punishing statement that played in my mind repeatedly. 

Two years ago, at a ministry conference, I heard of SaveOne and met Sheila. I was intrigued enough to buy the study and was blessed to find out my pastor’s wife wanted to offer it at our church. At the training I began my own healing process, meeting other women who had their own story or who wanted to love on “our kind”.

 Even though I knew Christ died for all my sins, for some reason this particular sin I couldn’t bear to give Him. This one was mine to be chained to forever. SaveOne changed that. I never, ever, EVER, would have thought I could feel this kind of freedom. I never knew I could grieve my child, I didn’t think I was allowed to. This truth, with the love and mercy of Jesus, was what brought total healing to me!

Sheila: If people could only hear one “God-truth” about your story what would it be?

Shannon: Accepting God’s love AND mercy was crucial to my healing process. I knew God loved me and I knew He showed me mercy. But to allow both of these things to work together, at the same time and to know it was okay for me to love and grieve my child, is what changed everything.

More about Shannon and how you can connect with her: As a Christ follower, Shannon Gomez feels called to minister to the hurting women in God’s kingdom. Working through her own pain and addictions, she knows that no one can truly be happy or lead a life of love without feeling free enough to do so. This kind of pure, fresh-air freedom comes only through the love of Jesus Christ.  NORTH.CHURCH is a wonderful place to call home. This multi-cultural, multi-generational church body is full of acceptance and unconditional truth in scripture. Their vision of loving God, loving people, and following Jesus is evident in every ministry area as well as their growing impact on the surrounding communities. 

Check out Shannon’s website at shannongg.com and if you are in Oklahoma and would like to join her chapter of SaveOne you can, by clicking here  or emailing shannongg.11@gmail.com.


Sometimes I look back on last years letter on this date for inspiration and view last year’s topic. When I looked at July 2016’s letter, I felt sick to my stomach.  Why? I was writing about the election. Raise your hand if you are so incredibly happy that election is behind us!

 Even though our nation is still in much turmoil and chaos, to have that election in my rear view mirror is a relief to me. As I read the words I wrote one year ago, I returned to the fear and worry I felt at that time. I admit, the anxiety isn’t completely gone, but I hope you can join with me in saying the turmoil has prompted me to pray for our country and leaders harder than I ever have.

Our leaders change, our nation shifts directions, our belief systems falter. It’s scary. But one thing of which I am certain: when we stand firmly—unwavering—on God’s Word, there are no shifting shadows, moving targets, or other shallow belief systems that can make a mark on us. I am so thankful for that. For this reason alone, our resolve to end abortion cannot rely solely on political responses. We, as Christians, can and must do something now. 

The Church is powerful and mighty because we have a sovereign God who is fighting on our behalf. As we see in His Word, He fights through people. We have to make the first move, and then His power flows through ordinary people to perform extraordinary feats. It’s a beautiful process of healing that we are witnessing now, lived out in the lives of individuals around the world.

There are pastors who offer SaveOne, chapter leaders who teach SaveOne, brave men, women, and families who turn and deal with the pain of their abortions changing the tide in their future generations. They are the ones fighting this battle and they are winning. Taking that first step is all God needs. A willing vessel, whole and healthy, is a powerful tool in the hands of a powerful God.

We want you to join us. Talk to your pastor today about starting a SaveOne chapter. We have a packet of information and a promo video we can send to introduce ourselves. I promise, the people who are reached because of your efforts will be eternally grateful.





Did you know we now have a theme song? If you go to saveone.org, click the Moving Mountains link to download it. It’s a beautiful song that Jeff Deyo, Jonathan Lee, and Sarah Reeves co-wrote and gave us permission to use. Listen and then spend the $0.99 to have it permanently. Then tell all your friends about it!

We also have new t-shirts. For a long time, we only had the v-neck white shirts, but now we have round neck in black! WOO HOO! I have it on right now and I’m getting compliments everywhere I go. They are bold and have the SaveOne website on the sleeve. Thanks for purchasing the song and t-shirts because 100% of the proceeds from both go to reach more people with the truth.


Please be praying about our campaign to purchase a permanent home for SaveOne. We have had an extremely generous offer to allow us to purchase the condo where we have been located for the last 12 years. But we have to raise $150,000 THIS YEAR! Will you pray about our efforts, but then also pray and see what God would have you contribute? We need everyone’s help! 

Thank you so much!

We love each and every one of you and we thank God for you and your support!

Younger You

How incredible it is when we find new tools we can use in our SaveOne classes. We love it and want to share with you when we find these little nuggets. We want you to be even more successful than you already are! So we will always send you things we find to enhance what you’re doing. If you want to use these tools you can, if not then don’t feel like you have to. It’s just good to see what other chapter leaders are doing sometimes.

This month I wanted you to hear from Jody Duffy, our SaveOne chapter leader down near Atlanta. She is not only former military and served our country well, but is now doing a fantastic job leading classes through her pregnancy center. I met Jody at a training I taught in North Carolina! 🙂 God has a way of getting His people to find each other. So enjoy this beautiful poem she wrote after the class she is teaching finished Chapter 7 in the SaveOne study…It’s titled, “Younger You”.

Forgiving the ‘Younger You’

Dear younger me,

 I knew you back then, the fear and confusion that faced you my friend.

The choice that you made, you would not if you’d known, you’d suffer such pain and such anguish alone.

Forbidden your sorrows were. You could not show, or talk of your heartache to friend or to foe.

You thought that the burden alone you did bear, with no comprehension that God was right there.

When looking upon you through time distance spent, I view someone broken, dejected, and bent.

I weep for your spirit, which crushed by the sting of a self- loathing mindset that damage would bring.

As I look at you now through the eyes of the years, I observe all your torments and sorrowful tears.

I choose to forgive you, I do, younger me. For without forgiveness mine eyes cannot see.

The beauty of pardon and graces God gave you, hold close to your heart and your spirit renew.

So, let us arise from the ashes together and join once again to be one in the same, and put to rest, we must, the guilt and the shame.

Oh you who were me in a time long ago, I love and forgive you as I watch your heart grow.

Let us join one another from here on forever to love and respect who we are. A child of God who is loved and is cherished, bright and as brilliant as a star.

A Reward Worth the Stretch

We are so excited to welcome FOUR new chapters of SaveOne in the month of February.

*Elkin, NC

*Ft. Riley, KS

*Wilson, NC

*Sparta, NC

“Thrilled” is a good word to use that explains how we feel when a new church or pregnancy center wants to start teaching our Bible studies. At that moment we welcome them in as a new chapter of SaveOne.

Have you ever thought about starting a chapter in your church? Maybe you have never had an abortion, or you don’t feel qualified to teach the studies. No worries. We have done all the startup work for you! We have a pastor’s letter and promotional video we can send to you to introduce this idea to your pastor; chapter tools that will help you know when and how to announce the class; advertising tips and ideas for a more successful class; and, your own personal chapter coordinator assigned to your state as a resource to help in any capacity.

Introducing SaveOne to your church or pregnancy center may seem a little out of your comfort zone, but I can tell you from personal experience the reward is worth the stretch. The men, women, and families you will reach will be eternally grateful to you. Here are a few of the things you will personally witness by having SaveOne at your church:

  • Lives transformed
  • Marriages restored
  • Men and women becoming leaders
  • Relationships with children improved
  • Self-worth returned

These men and women return to their communities, homes, jobs, and churches, and they become the people God always intended them to be before they chose abortion.

Changing lives is what abortion recovery is all about! We truly believe that word-of-mouth will end abortion in our country and around our world. These men, women, and families become a voice for the issue of abortion. We like to call them our “Army of Truth Tellers”!

But we need you! We need your involvement through adding to this army by starting a chapter of SaveOne in your area. It’s easy, and we will show you how! Please contact us today to get started.


If you are in or around the Middle Tennessee area and shop at Kroger, did you know you can opt for a percentage of your purchase to go to SaveOne? Go to www.Kroger.com and click on “Community Rewards”. (And if you haven’t checked in a while, will you please make sure you are still listed as helping SaveOne? For some reason, the organization you pick will fall off after a year.)

Also, through Amazon, you can also click Amazon Smile and list SaveOne as your charity of choice. A percentage of what you purchase through Amazon will come to us.

These are two ways to help SaveOne that do not cost you a dime! Of course, we could also use your donations. In short, we reach more people when we have the resources to do so. Therefore, we are looking for people to partner with us for $25 per month. Perhaps your church can do this. Or maybe you personally feel led to support our ministry long-term in this way.

Thank you in advance for all your help and support.

Transform Your Community with 1 Simple Step

What an awesome year it has been already! We have added 3 new chapters, with twice as many in the works. Please welcome Golconda, IL; Pinedale, WY; and Casper, WY.

We couldn’t be happier with TWO pregnancy centers and a church now having a new avenue of outreach. When these leaders start advertising they offer SaveOne abortion recovery, they will begin to change the stigma of the Church. People in their communities will know immediately they are able to enter these buildings and feel love and acceptance, not judgment and condemnation. 

SaveOne as an outreach for your church or pregnancy center results in a lasting, loving, and transforming change. Here are a few things you experience or observe when you start using SaveOne to reach out to your community:

*Love shown to those who feel rejected after this choice

*Marriages reconciled through forgiveness after the abortion

*Lives transformed through the healing power of Jesus Christ

*Salvation found by those who are healing from the experience

*Men becoming the heads of their households again

*Women allowing the past to no longer dictate their future

*Families restored and healthy relationships formed

*The freedom to openly talk about abortion without mentioning controversial politics

These are just a few of the benefits added to YOUR church and community when you take SaveOne as your own and start reaching outside the four walls of the church. By welcoming those who feel damaged and rejected by the Church, the Church suddenly becomes a place of acceptance to those who had felt it a place of condemnation. The enemy loves to tell the post-abortive to keep the abortion a secret because of the Church’s response, but SaveOne proves that being open about the experience sets people free:

“The ministry of SaveOne has literally exploded in our church. When we first offered the class at Cornerstone Church, I thought I might discover the subject was taboo. The response was quite the opposite. I have watched men and women discover that forgiveness and cleansing really are available for every sin and mistake. The people of my church are so absolutely behind the ministry that I have enjoyed riding the wave of momentum with them as SaveOne has reached far beyond the walls of the local church to offer hope to an incredibly damaged part of our society.”  Maury Davis, Head Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Madison, TN

If you would like for SaveOne to be in your church, contact us and we will help you every step of the way. To be an official chapter of SaveOne, the cost is FREE and the results are phenomenal. Hope to hear from you soon!

Be sure to tell others to go to saveone.org and sign up for our newsletter to get my latest e-book, “Abortion and You”. THANKS!

The #1 Thing You Need Right Now

I hope you are doing well and the first month of this year has been tremendous for you. Our prayer here at SaveOne is that you are plotting and planning your next SaveOne class. If you are struggling with attendance, or needing an extra boost of encouragement then contact your chapter coordinator. We are here to help you every step of the way. We are with you 100%! So don’t sit and struggle. Life is too short and you have too many tools and tips at your fingertips with SaveOne to struggle in any way. If you do not know who your chapter coordinator is, then contact our office at info@saveone.org and we will put you in touch.

By now you are have probably been able to watch the video we sent to you on January 15. If you did not receive it let us know and we will send to you. If you take the message of Sabbath rest to heart your life will be changed. This one day per week is designed just for YOU! You are called to great and mighty things. Working from a place of only resting the 6-8 hours you sleep is not cool. Lack of rest will one day catch up with you and consequences will ensue. Don’t do it! Plan your rest every single week and hold it, keep it, guard it, with all your might just like you would any other important appointment or commandment.

One of the things I wanted to do in this letter is tell you about some great books on Sabbath rest I have read. I looked through my library for a really really long time and I can’t find any I want to recommend. So I need YOU to recommend to ME some books on Sabbath rest. Do you guys know of any? Email me back, or post on the SaveOne facebook page. If you are recommending to me, then others need to know about it as well! I want to hear from you okay?

In other news, I just returned from a wonderful trip to North Carolina where I hung out with the great ladies from Lifeline Pregnancy Center in Elkin, NC directed by Sharon Kelly. I trained them, and 2 more ladies from Allegheny PRC in NC. My friend Felicia Lee drove over for the training as well! I was so happy to have such a great crowd spend their Saturday learning about abortion recovery.

After the training my Aunt, who was a great travel partner, and I drove over to Hendersonville, NC where they asked me to speak at the “Lights for Life” event commemorating the legalization of abortion. Another incredible pregnancy center put it on, Open Arms PRC with Joyce Wright at the helm. A pleasant surprise walked through the door right before the event started when I looked up and saw our own Rachel Joseph enter with two friends! If you are in the North Carolina/South Carolina and surrounding states area then you know how awesome Rachel is as a SaveOne chapter coordinator.

I wish every one of you guys could travel with me to these awesome places and meet these incredible servants who are like-minded. The two ladies leading these centers are true examples of God’s grace flowing through them to lead the charge in their communities. I want everyone to know them! 🙂

Please let us know what is going on with you okay? We like hearing from our chapter leaders. Be sure to keep your page updated on the SaveOne site. That lets others know you are busy and when you are offering classes.

If you haven’t already, please like the SaveOne facebook page and share it often. It helps you with advertising and helps us get our message out to the masses!

Love you guys all the way to the moon and back! Thank you for all you do!

Sheila and the entire staff of SaveOne